Why You Should Print Your Family Photos

In today’s digital world, so many photos and memories are kept hidden in cloud storage, on digital hard drives or worse… stuck in your phone. We snap photos and memories to freeze time so we can enjoy the moments for years to come, which is great. But sadly, so many of those memories are lost in a digital space because we don’t print them to enjoy and display.

As a family photographer and mom myself, I’m all about documenting life and recording the moments I want to remember the most in photos and videos. Whether you are snapping the photos yourself, working with a professional photographer, or doing all of the above – it’s important to take the next step to enjoy your photos. Today, let’s talk about why you should print your photos and some beautiful ways to enjoy them for years to come! Trust me, having your images to actually see and enjoy is WAY better than them being stuck in the digital world forever.

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1 — They’re a great way to decorate your home.

Who doesn’t want to see their family and all of their happy memories on display in their home? Printing your photos is a great and easy way to decorate your home with something you’ll want to look at every day.

2 — Brings memories to life.

One of the reasons I love printed portraits so much is that I get to enjoy those memories for years to come. Whenever I look up and see my family’s photos on the walls, I’m taken back to that moment in time. I get to enjoy those memories instead of never recalling them!

3 — There’s something about a tangible product to enjoy.

Whether it’s a print on the wall or a family album to flip through, there’s something powerful about your family’s story and photos in print and on display. Do you remember looking through your family’s old albums? Imagine doing that with your own kids (or their kids one day!). There is power in feeling your story in your hands.

4 — Memories can be enjoyed when seen.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at someone’s house, seen a photo, and we’ve wound up on a long conversation about that place or time. Being able to see your memories means that they’ll live. The stories will continue and you’ll get to enjoy looking back on your family’s time together.

As you can see, printing and being able to enjoy your photos is really important to me! Now that you know why, let’s talk about HOW to print those photos! There’s always so many options out there, so it’s really about finding what’s a good fit for your family and your home.

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Here’s my top 5 ways to print your photos to be enjoyed!

#1. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great decorative element to add to your home! With a variety of images from your session, they tell a story and turn your memories into art. These are custom designed and can be laid out in a variety of ways to fit any space!

#2. Heirloom Album

Albums are a great tangible item to be enjoyed, especially by little hands. Depending on the design of the album itself, it can be a decorative item for your home. Albums are a great place to showcase a collection of images from any session or event. I custom create albums for families (free of charge) to view if they want them from their sessions. This is a great way to get photos off your phone and into your home! And, they make great gifts, too!!

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#3. Prints

Prints are a timeless, easy way to enjoy your memories. You can keep them in individual frames, sprinkle prints around your home or add them to an album to be enjoyed. Whatever you decide, this is probably one of the simplest ways to use your photos.

#4. Decorative Artwork

Decorative artwork like canvases, acrylics and framed prints can add the perfect statement piece to your home. These pieces keep your memories in view throughout your home. They add a fun pop to the space and bring more character than simple framed photos.

#5. Calendars

Calendars are one of my favorite ways to use your seasonal images. They make great gifts, are useful, and tangible. Pick out a bunch of your photos and put them into a family calendar to hang in a central space. These also make great gifts, too!

Bonus! #6. Digital Frames

Okay, so this one is kind of cheating. Digital frames aren’t really printed, obviously. But they’re a great option to display your photos, nonetheless. If you’re short on space or want something less permanent to display, try a digital frame. Nixplay is a great option with an assortment of frames that will connect wirelessly to your phone. Amazon Shows and other digital frames also exist and you can add photos every month from your adventures.

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When you book a session with me, all of my galleries are delivered digitally. Each has a shop with prints, canvases, albums, framed prints, and more. I’m all about making it easy for you to enjoy your photos right away – to see and display in your home all year long.

Life moves too fast. Although we can’t slow it down, we can record the moments that fill our hearts and tell our story through photos and films. I am a Pittsburgh family photographer and film maker that helps families record their stories and pause some of life’s greatest moments.

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