Why You Need Courage, Not Confidence for a Successful Photography Business

Why You Need Courage Not Confidence

Do you often feel yourself envying those go-getters that exude confidence in all that they do? Those people that seem to put themselves out there without hesitation and get things done?

If you have ever doubted yourself or lacked the confidence to do the same – you need to hear this…

You need courage, not confidence to pursue your dreams.

The new year is full of resolutions, dreams, and goals. I dare you to dream big this year without holding back. But with those big dreams, you also need to invest in the courage to push yourself.

Confidence is an Outcome of Courage

Confidence is not something that happens naturally. It is an outcome of courage.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone or pushing yourself to try something new takes courage. New things can make you uncomfortable and it’s likely you won’t be confident at first.

It is only once you invest in yourself and push yourself to do it that will you gain experience, hone your skills and gain confidence.

“Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”

Need a new personal motto for this year? This is a great one to adopt.

If you are determined to make this year your best one yet, you need to dream big and chase those dreams without reserve. You also need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Using courage as your driver, there will be many times that are uncomfortable but growth comes from discomfort.

Courage –> Discomfort –> Growth –> Confidence

Where Will Courage Take You This Year

With a new motto, a mindset shift, and a bundle of big dreams — where will this year take you? You are the driver.

Are you looking to invest in taking your business further? Wanting to turn your side gig into more of a full-time job? I’d love to know your dreams for your photography business. Please share them in the comments!

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