What’s in My Camera Bag as a Family Photographer

Danielle Blewitt shares her favorite camera bodies, lenses, and camera bags as a family photographer

“What do you shoot with?” This is a common question in the photography world. As artists, we all have our own preferences to create our images in our own style, but there is always curiosity. Today I’m sharing with you what’s in my camera bag. Before we start though, this is so important: you can start and grow your photography business with the basics. You do not need a fancy camera to be a good photographer. Start with what you have and grow from there! 

Now that’s been said, I’ve been a photographer for just over three years now. I started portfolio building for my business with a Canon T3 and one $150 50mm lens. It served me well during portfolio building when I was starting. As my business grew, I was able to invest in more gear wisely. I moved up to a Canon 6D and loved that camera. It was a workhorse for me as I was busy growing.

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Here is a list of what’s in my camera bag currently and why I love it all.


Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless: Just about 2 years ago I switched to mirrorless and invested in the Canon R5. I chose the R5 over the R6 because for the video features the R5 had over the R6. In retrospect, I believe the R6 would have been just as good and would have saved a little if I knew what I knew now.

Making the jump to mirrorless was life changing. The eye AF and the RF lenses are incredible and so helpful as a family photographer that focuses on families with little ones. I have recently added a 2nd R5 to my lineup. It serves as a backup camera as well as my second camera body to use at sessions with the help of my dual camera harness.


Canon RF 70-200 f2.8L IS USM Lens: When I made the jump to the Canon R5 mirrorless camera, I also invested in the Canon RF 70-200. Previously I was a prime gal and had only used prime lenses. However, the versatility and quality of this zoom lens really elevated the quality of my work.

Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro USM Lens:  As a newborn photographer, the 35mm lens is invaluable for in-home, lifestyle newborn sessions. I use this lens exclusively when I am indoors. It is also a macro lens which really helps me capture newborn details.


Holdfast Gear MoneyMaker 2-Camera Harness:  When I added the 2nd camera body to my collection, I started using both cameras at my family sessions. I invested in the Holdfast 2-camera harness. This has allowed me to be hands free when I need to in between shooting as well as switch quickly between my 70-200 and 35. This has really helped me be able to offer a lot of versatility in the photos I deliver and saves me from having to switch out lenses mid-session.

Rofozzi Camera Bag (previously Purple Relic): This is the bag I use to store and transport my cameras to and from photoshoots. It is also the bag I bring with me to newborn sessions. As my collection of camera gear has grown over the years, I’m slowly outgrowing this bag but it’s always been a favorite of mine for quality and aesthetic.

Think Tank Photo TurnStyle 10 V2.0 Sling Camera Bag:  When I carried a single camera with me to sessions, this was my favorite go to camera bag. It could be comfortably worn during the session and was very minimal. I enjoyed how simple this bag was and easy to wear. It was enough to hold my accessories, extras and personal stuff while I was out shooting.

I hope this lists help you see what kind of gear you could start with for your growing business! Tell me about some of your favorite lenses or camera bodies below.


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