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Maternity portraits are a time to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, your journey, and the anticipation of your new little one’s arrival! If there’s one session where you’re truly going to pamper yourself, make it this one! You want to feel comfortable and beautiful… So today, we’re talking about what to wear for your maternity portraits so that you feel your best. Trust me, when you feel good, it will translate into your portraits!

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What fabrics work well for maternity dresses?

One of the most important factors in picking a maternity dress that will be the most flattering is choosing one with a great fabric. Cotton can be one of the most ornery fabrics to work with. A stiff cotton can be very one-dimensional and quick to wrinkle. A very stretchy cotton can often hug in all the wrong places and show too much. Instead choose a fabric that is flowy and has character. Textured fabrics such as crepe, gauze, or rayon work great to add dimension. Rayon, chiffon, and lace are also beautiful options!

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What color should you wear for your session?

A maternity session is celebrating and highlighting the anticipation of your new arrival. Make sure you avoid black or very dark clothes that hide or minimize the bump. Colors or neutrals work well, no matter what location you choose for your portraits!

What is the best silhouette for maternity photos?

Pregnancy is different for every woman. To make you look and feel your best, make sure to choose a flattering silhouette that helps to accentuate your natural beauty. Choose a style that is more fit on the top and flowy on the bottom. For maternity options, this means a top that is tighter above the bump and from the bump down has more movement. Longer dresses that are floor length work great and give mom a lot of fabric for movement during the shoot like twirling, which is always beautiful in portraits.

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What should you avoid when planning your maternity photo outfits?

While it’s fun to talk about what to wear, we should also talk about what to avoid. There’s a few things I recommend you avoid when choosing your maternity portrait outfits:

Avoid bright colors as this can distract and clash with the rest of the family (or your location!). Try to avoid busy patterns. Smaller patterns are fine but avoid very large print patterns as they will distract from the natural beauty of you, your location, and your family.

If you can, thin material – it can show every bump or line under your clothing, especially when it comes to your bra line. Try on the clothes in advance and consider shapewear or even pasties if lines are showing. These little details can be distracting and take away from your photos or cost extra for photo retouching. In contrast, avoid baggy clothing too! Like I mentioned, the best silhouettes for your session are flowy from the bump down. Avoid baggy tops above the bump. Some moms may feel uncomfortable by the end of pregnancy but trust me, the beauty of this time in your life is highlighting the bump.

And finally, avoid jeans. Even if jeans or legging or your norm, your maternity shoot is a time to show off your bump and feel beautiful! Wear something special so these memories stand out in the future.

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What should your family wear?

While I usually encourage mom to choose her outfit first, this is even more important for a maternity shoot. Once you’ve found your dream dress, you can easily coordinate your family’s outfit around your dress. I always recommend complimenting colors – not the exact same one. Bring some variety to your outfits by choosing looks with different textures and colors for the entire family!

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Where should you shop?

When you’re deciding what to wear, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options… or underwhelmed without them. I’m often asked where to shop and while I always love Target, there’s so many incredible options out there. Below are some of my favorite amazing spots for expecting moms to find clothing that will make them feel beautiful. Here are some of the most popular options:

Baltic Born

Petal and Pup

Free People


Pink Lily


Pink Blush

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Maternity sessions are truly about celebrating you, Mama! Wear something you love and that makes you feel beautiful. We’ll have a great time together documenting your growing family.

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