What to Wear for Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

When you bring home a new baby, things feel busy – and they are! You are just getting to know this new little person who will forever change your life. You are also adjusting to a new normal as well as recovering from childbirth and delivery. The last thing you should be doing is worrying about what to wear for your newborn photo session. That’s why I’m offering all my best tips to help you prepare for your lifestyle newborn session in advance so you can enjoy your new baby, record the memories and focus on what matters the most.

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Think more casual, less formal, when choosing outfits.

Lifestyle newborn photos are casual and, in most cases, happen in your home. This is a space where you should look and feel more comfortable – more casual and less formal. Coordinate outfits that will match the vibe of being at home. Softer fabrics and more comfortable fits will be appropriate. But, remember: being casual doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up or feel your best! Just try to think of a casual way to do it that compliments being at home. Maybe this means a sundress instead of your evening wear. Oh, and shoes are always optional for newborn sessions.

Coordinate with soft neutrals.

When figuring out the best colors to wear, think about soft neutrals. Light blush colors, creams, soft colors — anything that will compliment and not compete with the baby – will be best. You want your photos to highlight your sweet new baby and not distract from why we’re taking photos! Newborn skin is very fair and can easily reflect colors, especially since they are usually snuggled up close to you for most of the session. Avoid colors like red or bright pink because they will be too harsh and colorful against your new baby.

In addition to bold and bright colors, avoid busy patterns and logos. For older siblings or partners, coordinate outfits that are simple and neutral. Comfy, cozy, and coordinating is the best way to go!

For mom, think timeless yet comfortable.

The first few weeks with a new baby are a blur. This is a time that your body will be recovering and adjusting after delivery. Keep comfort as a main priority when choosing the perfect outfit for your newborn session. Soft dresses with flexible waists are a great option. Anything similar to a maternity dress will work well to be gentle around your midsection but also flattering and comfortable.

In order to avoid a last minute rush to find the perfect outfit, I recommend having a few options picked out before the baby arrives to save yourself the stress. Once baby arrives, you can choose the dress that feels the most comfortable post-delivery. Baltic Born and Boehme offer some pretty and timeless options to choose from.

Try to avoid wearing jeans. These can be uncomfortable for post delivery and more so for your session where you will be sitting and standing in various positions while holding the baby. Moving in and out of these positions will be more comfortable for you if you don’t have a tight waistband rubbing around your stomach. Trust me on that one!

Simple and soft colors and fabrics work best for the baby.

Your new baby is the main highlight of this session and really needs very little in terms of outfits! There is so much beauty in this newborn phase that I want to capture – and that’s more important than 20 outfits for them.. I recommend preparing to include a few simple options for your new baby. Knotted gowns, simple onesies, or just simply just a swaddle wrap is usually good for the baby. Caden Lane and Lou Lou and Company are two of my favorite shops for newborns. They offer some adorable options for your new baby. Simple truly is best here!

Avoid layered outfits, non-stretchy or rough fabrics or anything that could cause discomfort for your little one. The goal of your session is to capture the beauty of your little one including all newness. Sometimes outfits can cover toes, fingers and hide your new baby too much.

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When it comes to preparing for what to wear for your lifestyle newborn newborn session, simple is always best. Take the time to consider your outfits prior to baby’s arrival to avoid the stress after your little one arrives. If you ever need help deciding on outfits, make sure to reach out and we can absolutely talk through the best looks for your big session!

I’m so honored to have the opportunity to help you document such a special time in your family’s story. Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer and I can’t wait to see what we create!

Always Grateful,

Danielle Blewitt


For Mom – Baltic Born and Boehme

For Baby – Caden Lane and Lou Lou and Company

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