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It’s new to Pittsburgh, but what is a Family Film?

“Time needs to slow down.” How often do you find yourself saying or thinking this? I’m pretty confident I think this at least once a day and it usually happens when I see yet another thing that is seeming to change right before my eyes…the seasons, my children, life…

For the parents that desperately want to slow down time like myself, we find ourselves recording life in every way possible. From quick phone pics to short video clips, we do it all. But how often do we actually find the time to sort through and watch these short clips? I often find myself a little overwhelmed and disappointed in trying to keep up. This is where a Family Film can help.

What is a Family Film?

A Family Film is a tangible way to preserve your memories for generations to come. Consider it a highlight reel for this season in your life whether you are welcoming a new baby, recording a special milestone or simply wanting to record the beauty of your everyday. Seasons in life change just as quickly as the weather, think about the things in your life that are happening now that you never want to forget…

…the way your baby giggles at peak-a-boo

…the sound of your little one saying “I love you,”

…the routines that are happening now that will one day change, such as making pancakes on Saturday morning, reading a book before bed or playing at your favorite park.

These are the moments that fill your heart and define your story. A Family Film is a way to capture these memories and relive them for years to come. Unlike a photograph, a film allows you to re-live your moments in vivid color, full sound and in motion. They become memories you can feel.

What is involved with doing a Family Film?

A Family Film will be uniquely yours, telling your story and for that reason it requires a little more planning than a typical photo session. When you book your film session, I want to get to know you and your family. I will spend some time asking you questions that will give me some insight into who you are, what is important to you and what would be the best way to tell your story.

Are you an active family that loves the outdoors? Perhaps we plan to film you session at your favorite park. Are you a family that treasures the beauty in the mundane? A Day in the Life approach that captures your daily routines may offer the best way to record your story.

Whatever your story, your Family Film will be uniquely yours. Let’s find out what it is that you want to remember. Set up a time to talk – Let’s Connect!

Family Films are brand new to Pittsburgh but growing in cities around the world. I am excited to be the first family photographer to offer this beautiful keepsake to families for all seasons of their journey from the birth of your child, newborn, family and more.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Family Film

1. Life Goes Too Fast – I feel like in the blink of an eye my kids are growing up and too often I find myself forgetting little things that I thought I would never forget.

2. You Will Never Regret It – Someone once told me I would regret having too many photos…not true! In the same regard, I don’t believe you will ever regret investing in this type of keepsake.

3. It Gets More Valuable Over Time – I think we take for granted the little things in life that are happening now. It isn’t until time has passed that we look back and realize how much has changed.

4. You Get To Be In Your Story – Too often us parents are the ones behind the lens. What better gift for our children than to be present in these timeless keepsakes. Check out this blog post for 4 Ways to Get in the Frame.

5. It’s a Highlight Reel – The film condenses all the highlights from our session into one single 3-4 minute film that is easy to share with friends and family.

What Families Are Saying

“…the video she made was unbelievable. I will always have those tiny voices and laughter to remember because of her. Her video brought out so much emotion in everyone who watched it. I’m so grateful to her for capturing this time so beautifully. My only regret is not having her there to document the birth of my son. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for video or photos.”

Stephanie Stephenson on her Family Film

“The entire experience making our video was wonderful. Danielle captured the little treasures of my girls, their little giggles of pure joy and their sweet little voices talking about what is important for them….princesses and Halloween. Our video is filled with moments that I didn’t even know she captured! I am love with the fact that I can forever go back to that day and relive it with my girls. I was moved to tears and I still am when I watch our video or show it to somebody. Video is such a beautiful way to get the best, most cherished moments of your entire family that we often take for granted. Our video is just a day at the park playing with our girls. It’s who we are! We didn’t even know Danielle was filming most of the time and even better, my girls didn’t seem to notice they were being filmed. I love our video! I highly recommend video to capture those little giggles, smiles and precious moments that you share as a family. Photos are beautiful and we did those too, but video captures a beautiful moment in time and allows you and everyone to relive it over and over. It’s a beautiful memory that you can actually get back. ♥️ “

Loretta Coffin on her Family Film

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Life moves too fast. Although we can’t slow it down, we can record the moments that fill our hearts and tell our story through photos and films. I am a Pittsburgh family photographer and film maker that helps families record their stories and pause some of life’s greatest moments.

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