Tips for Location Scouting for Mini Sessions

5 Tips for Location Scouting for Mini Sessions for family photographers shared by educator and PA photographer Danielle Blewitt

Mini session season is upon us and it’s time to begin planning your sessions. Since mini sessions are so fast paced, they require a little extra planning and strategy in order to be successful.  One of the most important parts of planning your mini sessions is determining the location you want to use. Choosing the perfect location is about more than just finding somewhere pretty for photos. There’s strategy and logistics to consider when location scouting for mini sessions. That’s why today I want to share…

5 tips for location scouting for mini sessions this year! 

Choose a place that is not crowded. 

Like I said before, mini sessions are fast paced. You don’t have the luxury of time or patience when it comes to these photo sessions. Choose a location that is easy to get to, easy to work in, and will keep things moving. If you have to wait for people to walk by or something to clear before you can photograph your subjects, you’re wasting precious time. 

Look for a variety of scenery. 

While mini sessions are smaller and faster than full sessions, it doesn’t mean you can’t deliver a beautiful gallery with variety and unique photos. If possible, choose a location that can offer some variety in scenery easily and quickly. Having the flexibility of offering some options in your final gallery will only elevate client experience.

Make sure your location is easy to access. 

You want to maximize the time you have with your clients for the session and minimize the amount of time you spend walking to the location. Make sure whenever you pick is easy to access from the moment clients arrive to the moment your session ends and you’re onto the next family. Consider parking, distance to the spot you plan to photograph your session, and the variety there. 

Lean into the beauty of the season. 

While there are many unique locations to choose from for your sessions, not all locations will be the best for every season. Make sure you are choosing a location that leverages the natural beauty of the season. If cherry blossoms are popular at a certain location, book those in the spring to take advantage of them. Depending on where you’re located, certain flowers or trees may only bloom one season – use that! This uniqueness will help with your session demands and needs. 

Look for a variety of lighting options.

Because of the way mini sessions are booked back to back, you don’t have the luxury of ideal light for every session. Choose a location that will offer you some flexible lighting conditions. Access to shade or covered spaces will give you some options in the event of full sun or even inclement weather. Trust me, it will help in the end! 

Mini sessions are a profitable way to grow your business but you want to make sure you are maximizing both the experience for your clients and delivering the best quality galleries. By location scouting and choosing locations that truly make sense for you AND your client, you will be able to improve your client experience around mini sessions. Successful mini sessions happen because of strategic plans – in advance. 

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