The Importance of a Handwritten Thank You

Importance of a Handwritten Thank You

The photography market is saturated but not lacking in work by any means. If you want to stand out, you need to make yourself memorable and that can be as simple as investing your time in a handwritten thank you note.

In an increasingly digital world, people are inundated with messages, notifications and headlines – all competing for their attention.

Cut through the clutter and make yourself memorable to your client with a handwritten thank you.

4 Reasons to Write a Handwritten Thank You

Albeit far from innovative, a handwritten note is a memorable way to improve your client experience for many reasons. Here are 4 to start!

  1. It shows that you care. As a photographer, you are passionate about your work and the families you photograph. Let them know how much you appreciate their support with this small investment of your time. It will be noticed.

  2. It’s personal. When email first came out, it was cool to hear “You Got Mail.” Getting an email today is not near as exciting and it’s very rarely personal. Inboxes are often a bottomless pit of automated emails. Break through the digital clutter. Put your pen to paper to write a meaningful and personalized thank you.

  3. It stands out. Unlike a Subject Line in a cluttered inbox, a handwritten thank you note will get noticed. It will not get filtered or buried in a digital pile of automated messages. A handwritten thank you note will be physically opened, read and well received.

  4. It communicates genuine appreciation. Your clients are not business transactions on a ledger. Showing your client that you invested time in hand writing a personal thank you will let them know that you genuinely appreciate their business.  

The Best Time to Thank Your Clients

It’s never too late to write a thank you to your photography clients. Take some time during this season of thanks to reach out and thank your clients for their support. If it’s been a while since their session, you can send a “thinking of you” card instead.

Moving forward –> add the thank you card to your standard work flow and send a card to every family for every session.

How to Write a Thoughtful Thank You

If you are like me, writing thank you cards can feel daunting for lack of what to say. Keep it simple and include the 4 basic components of a thoughtful thank you.

  1. Start off by thanking them for the opportunity to work with them.

    “It was so great meeting you all. Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture some moments of your sweet new family”
  2. Write one or two sentences about something special about the session.

    “I loved seeing how cute your girls were playing together. I can’t believe how much they have grown over the past year.”
  3. Talk about the gallery or deliverables with enthusiasm.

    “I absolutely loved some of the moments we captured and can’t wait to share your gallery!”
  4. Mention the next steps.

    “I’m looking forward to staying connected! Hope you have a great holiday season!”

For customized thank you cards, check out MOO –

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