The Simply Natural Lightroom Preset Collection

The Simply Natural Collection is a set of Lightroom Presets for photographers that love a beautiful, natural and timeless edit for their photos. The presets give your images a pop while preserving skin tones. The collection consists of 6 color presets, 2 black and white presets and 5 specialty adjustment brushes. 

The presets are designed to be used in a variety of lighting conditions while maintaining a consistent look for your style.

Only $47 for a Limited Time Only!

Simply Natural Preset Collection: $67


Introducing Your New Favorite Preset that will...

... Enhance the natural beauty of your photos.
... Preserve skin tones.
... Keep your images timeless, not trendy.
... Avoid the over-edited look of many presets.
... Help you gain consistency in your signature "look."

I love how these presets make my photos look natural and not overly edited, but still have a beautiful, professional look!

Julie Despain Photography

The Collection

The Simply Natural Lightroom Preset collection is perfect for lifestyle photographers that want to enhance the natural beauty of their images without altering skin tones for a timeless edit. These presets have been fine tuned over the years to work universally across many lighting conditions. These are the same presets I use in my own business for every single session.  


HOW TO USE:  The Simply Natural Collection is easy-to-use with the steps below. Your purchase comes with how-to video tutorials and editing videos to share with you examples on how to use the presets. The editing workflow is simple and showcased in the tutorials. 

1. Adjust Exposure + White Balance
2. Apply Preset
3. Fine Tune Image with Brushes


What's Included


Simply Natural 1 — Beauty – This is the most universal preset of the collection for beautiful, clean edits using quality light. I use this in more than 75% of my sessions whenever I have good quality light.

Simply Natural 2 — Pop – This is my next most-used preset. It’s perfect when ample light is available. It will enhance your images naturally, giving a little pop when stronger light flattens your image.

Simply Natural 3 — Low Light – This preset is especially helpful when you have images shot in lower light. This could be an overcast outdoor day or indoor session. It helps save the shadows but still gives a natural pop to the image.

Simply Natural 4 — Indoor – This is perfect for indoor sessions whether it be lifestyle or newborn where low light is being used. It helps to bump some of your shadows and remove any red color casts from the shadows.

Simply Natural 5 — Golden Hour – When you are shooting in strong light, this bold preset helps you bring drama and style to your images. I typically use this when shooting at golden hour with strong backlight.

Simply Natural 6 — Low Contrast – This is the perfect preset with variable light when the stronger contrast of the other is too much for the photo. This helps preserve your shadows and give you a soft, flattering image.


Simply Natural BW 1 — Bold – This is a stunning preset to be used with a high quality image with defined whites and blacks. It will transform your image to a stunning black and white portrait.

Simply Natural BW 2 — Standard – This preset is my most universally used black and white conversion.


The custom adjustment brushes are applied during the final steps of every edit. These are meant to enhance the image and draw attention to the most important parts of the image and detract from any distractions.

Brightening — Boost your subjects with this subtle brush.

Brightening Bold — Draw attention to your subjects when competing with stronger light, in golden hour backlit situations for example.

Red Nose — Remove red noses from cold with ease.

Sunburn — Detract attention from a red face with this brush.

Iris Enhance — Bring clarity and pop to the eyes with ease.

HOW-TO-GUIDE:  Instructional PDF guide gives you everything you need to install your presets with ease. 

TUTORIAL VIDEOS:  A series of tutorial videos will step you through a few examples of editing with the presets in various conditions. These videos are designed to inspire you with ways on how to use the presets for your own images. 

REQUIREMENTS:  Adobe Lightroom Subscription: LR Classic (v11.3.1+). Installation instructions are included with your purchase. Presets are designed to be applied to RAW images. 


I've struggled in finding the perfect presets that aren't overly trendy and these are AMAZING!! They are so natural and so easy to use!

Sara Campos Photography

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