Scarcity + How to Use It In Your Photography Business

scarcity in photography business

Do you know what one of the most powerful ways to generate bookings? Use scarcity in your photography business!

Scarcity marketing is using a sense of scarcity or exclusivity to incentivize your clients. It is primarily associated with sales, it can be used to bolster interest in your business and build your brand.

Let’s take a look at how scarcity marketing can be leveraged in your photography business.

Why Does Scarcity Work?

In a world of on-demand access and instant gratification, we are accustomed to being able to get whatever we need and quickly. If and when we find something we want that is limited in any way, it’s natural for our interest to peak. Scarcity marketing leverages this natural interest.

Black Friday deals, limited quantities and exclusive access are all naturally incentivizing. People want to think they got something that other people didn’t.

By using scarcity in your business, you can begin defining the positioning and strength of your brand.

Why You Should Inject Scarcity Into Your Marketing?

Let’s start by squashing those visions of a used car salesman wheeling and dealing. Scarcity marketing is NOT deceptive and it is NOT intended to trick your clients. Applying scarcity in your business marketing is a way to inject a little bit of exclusivity into your products and services.

It’s a way to begin carving a reputation as the “must book” photographer.

How To Apply Scarcity into Your Photography Business

Here are my favorite ways to infuse a sense of scarcity to grow a profitable and successful photography business.


Depending on the season you are in with your business, setting some boundaries with your schedule keeps your work-life balance in tact and also helps to boost your desirability.

Pick a schedule or a maximum number of sessions that you would feel comfortable doing but also one that you think is attainable. Think of this as your ideal schedule or the goal you want to reach.

Let your client-base and audience know that you only have a limited number of sessions. As your business grows, it will become easier and easier to fill that ideal calendar. Others will be naturally interested in your business when they see how busy you are.

Be sure to share little mentions about your availability and filling schedule when you market your business on social media. The scarcity will create a sense of urgency for others to book quicker.


Mini sessions are a popular way to build your business. They are also typically in high demand, especially during the fall season. Use scarcity in the following ways to boost your mini session bookings:

+ Set an attainable number of time slots.
+ Create some exclusivity by offering it to your mailing list first.
+ Generate excitement by launching the booking on a certain date and time.

All of these items together will create a sense of exclusivity and help to fill your mini sessions quickly. If you want more tips for growing your business with mini sessions, check out: How to Grow Your Photography Business with Mini Sessions


If you are just starting out and trying to fill your calendar, booking incentives are a great way to build your business. You can offer booking bonuses such as free prints, print credits or include more digital downloads. Use scarcity by setting a time for the bonus to expire. These bonuses could be the extra incentive your clients needed to book a session.


There is nothing more motivating that a sale or discount that is expiring. If you want to offer discounts on prints, products or gallery upgrades, be sure to define an expiration date. Set a narrow discount window to ensure the offer is not forgotten and will help prompt a quicker response.

Tips and Last Thoughts

Scarcity is often a tactic for helping to generate sales. It is not intended to trick your clients. Be sure to maintain the integrity of your business by being honest and fair. If you say you will only take a certain number of clients, honor that in your business. This is the best way to build trust and respect for your business.

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