Family Films for Pittsburgh Families

Capture your family’s unique story and special moments in a gorgeous film by Pittsburgh family photographer and videographer Danielle Blewitt.

Life is always moving.
Your memories should too.

Unlike a photograph, films capture your memories in motion. You can relive a moment in vivid color, full sound and in motion. These moments become memories that you can feel.

It’s easier than ever to record life.

Cell phones make it so convenient to snap photos and videos. Unfortunately, most of these memories get neglected. Do you have...

Hundreds of videos stuck in your phone?

Videos of your kids with you behind the camera?

Never enough time to organize or watch them?

I relive those moments of bringing home our daughter and being a new Mom – a feeling I’ll never forget! Thank you, Danielle, for this PRICELESS gift.

Bergan C on Newborn Film

What is a Family Film?

Custom Family Films in Pittsburgh

Family Films are a unique and beautiful way to record the moments that are happening now in your life that you want to remember years from now.

Family Films are completely custom. Every film has a detailed planning session to determine the best possible way to record your story. The session itself and filming is organic, meaning not posed or staged. The day of the session and actual filming is relaxed and natural as I’m simply recording your family enjoy each other.

The final product is a beautiful highlight reel to tell your family’s story for this season of life. It will be one of your most cherished keepsakes.


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Hi Resolution Digital Downloads

All images included in your session will be available for a one-click download from your gallery. All photos professionally edited.

Pittsburgh Locations Guide

You will have access to my extensive locations guide to help you choose the best location for your family photos.

Private Online Gallery with Shop

All images included in your package will be available through a private online gallery with access to the best professional photo labs.

Complimentary Styling

Every session includes access to my online styling service that will help you coordinate outfits and shop for you.

Personal Rights

The images delivered in your gallery are yours to use and print as needed.

Easy Payment Schedule

All sessions require a deposit to secure the session date. The final balance is due prior to the session.

Access to the Client Lounge

Once booked, every client will get access to the private Client Lounge. This is a space filled with resources to help you prepare for the best family photo session.

Sales Tax

All sessions and products are subject to a 7% PA Sales Tax. All digital downloads are considered physical goods in Pennsylvania.

Record your memories in motion.

Some of my favorite keepsakes are the films and videos I have created for my own family. Being able to see my kiddos and all their littleness brings back a flood of memories every time I watch them. I would love to help you record the memories that are happening now so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Got Questions?

Everything you need to book your family film with Danielle with confidence.

Family films are designed to be completely custom for your family and what you want to remember the most. I often tell families to think about what it is in this season of their life that they want to remember the most. For those with little ones, it’s usually the little things like playing together, little voices or even routines that are happening now that will one day change. You will be amazed at how quickly little things change and sometimes fade in our memory. These films are perfect for capturing it to remember for years to come. The beauty of family films is they just continue to get better with time too. The further you get from the season of life you are in, the more you appreciate and miss the little things.

The filming usually happens in-home but it can be done anywhere that helps tell your story. Before your session I will work with you to come up with a tentative plan on what you want to record. If we find it helps, we can add a 2nd location or try something outside of your home.

Yes, your filming session will include on average 30+ lifestyle images that are shot during this time. During your session I will switch back and forth between video and photos to capture each scene.

I typically plan for up to 4 hours of filming but it all depends on what we plan on capturing if we need that much time. Sometimes a film session will only require about 2 hours.

On average family films are 3-5 minutes long depending on the song choice and amount of video clips captured.

Family Films require a lot more editing than a standard photo session. Films can take up to 8 weeks to deliver depending on the season. I will usually have a good estimate at the time of your session with an estimated completion time.

Once the film is finished, I will upload it to Vimeo and share the download link with you. From there I advise downloading the video and saving multiple copies in various places. If you do not want the film to be shared or public, I can ensure the link is private.

Once we make it through the planning and strategy session, preparing for your session is easy. What we record is never staged but moreso prompted. I ask that you prepare for any activities we talked about and get your house ready for filming. This mostly just means picking up any areas that we will use and removing anything that could be distracting. We want the focus to be on your family.

Due to copyright issues, the song has to be a song that can be licensed legally. I will purchase the song so that you have proper rights to use it.. For this purpose, I reserve the right to make the song selection based on my professional judgment on what will fit your film the best.

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