Newborn Series: How to Prepare Your Partner for Newborn Photos

Newborn photo sessions are a popular way to document the special time when you welcome a new baby home. Although newborn sessions are focused on the new baby, lifestyle sessions include the whole family and are a great way to help everyone feel involved. They are designed to capture the interactions and feelings from this special time! Both parents, older siblings, and fur babies are usually included. For some, this can make the session feel more stressful while hoping for cooperation from all. That’s why I want to share my favorite tips to prepare your partner for newborn photos at home.

dad holds baby against chest during newborn portraits at home

While I don’t want to don’t want to over classify here, let’s just say most dads aren’t usually excited about getting their photos done. This can happen for a few reasons…

They don’t understand why the photos are so important to you.

This is a common misunderstanding and an easy one to overcome. Make sure you let your partner know how much these photos mean to you. Sometimes photos can feel like a burden or just another thing on the to do list but make sure you explain how important they are for you to have.

They hate getting their pictures taken.

This is an understandable one for all and one of the most common things I hear from both parents. For many, being in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable and awkward. I assure you and them that our session will be relaxed and as easy as possible.

They think it’s too expensive.

This will reflect back to the first point but if they don’t understand how much the photos mean to you, any price point will be too expensive if they don’t see the value in the photos.

I typically joke with many new dads to be at their maternity session that there is good news and bad news. The good news is the maternity session will be the last time the focus is on them. The bad news is once you welcome a new baby, there will be many many more photo sessions in their future.

I’m sharing with you my best tips to prepare your partner for newborn photos!

How to Prepare Your Partner for Newborn Portraits

Prepare for what to expect.

Show your partner photos and examples of your photographer’s work to help them understand what to expect. Sometimes it’s the anxiety of not knowing what to expect that causes the most resistance. If you chose a relaxed lifestyle photographer, the session should flow easily and comfortably. There won’t be any awkward posing or requests from the photographer, which makes it easier for everyone!

Choose comfort.

Choose an outfit that is both comfortable and familiar for your spouse. If they are a little resistant to getting photos done, the last thing you want to do is make them more uncomfortable. An outfit that is comfortable and will make them feel like themselves can make all the difference.

Lead by example and relax and enjoy your session.

Make sure you are relaxed yourself the day of your session. Stress has a funny way of being contagious – if you are stressed, your family will be too, including your partner. Trust your photographer and know that they’ll make the session happen for your whole family!

When it comes down to it, preparing your partner (or anyone else!) for your newborn portrait session is really about keeping them comfortable. That’s a huge perk of doing lifestyle sessions to begin with. Being at home, in clothes you like and an environment you know, will help immensely. Lean into the low-stress environment and just enjoy this special time!




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