How to Measure Success in Your Photography Business

How to Measure Success in Your Photography Business

How do you measure success in your photography business? Success and how you define it is very subjective. It can vary for everyone. While some photographers may seek to make just a little extra bit of money for “fun stuff.” Others may have dreams of scaling their business to a full time position to replace their income.

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Success will vary for each of us and our own vision of success can and will change as the business grows.

No matter what that looks like for you, it’s important to measure growth as a component of success. In order to see success and reach your goals, you must see growth in your business, or forward progress. But how do you quantify or measure if that is happening?

I measure success in my photography business one small win at a time. This means growth in my business!

I’m a fan of setting goals for myself and dreaming big but those hefty goals can feel hard to reach at time. Instead, I measure the success of my business through small wins. Small wins are the building blocks that step me closer and closer to reaching the bigger goals that drive my business.

What are examples of small wins to strive for in a photography business?

  • Is your business getting good reviews?
  • Are clients referring you to others?
  • Do you clients book you the next time they need photos?
  • Are you getting positive feedback when you send a gallery?

It’s these small wins that indicate you are doing something right.

It’s easy to get consumed by comparing yourself to others, especially when you are first starting out. When you see other photographers posting about their booked calendars, amazing clients and showcasing beautiful images, it can make you feel like you just don’t have what it takes.

But you know what? We all start somewhere! When you can get hyper-focused on celebrating small wins and letting these mini goals kickstart your momentum, you will see growth in your business. Those big heft goals will get closer and closer.

Micro-wins, or micro-conversions are worth celebrating too. But what do I mean by micro-conversion?

A micro conversion is a tiny step in showing forward movement and progress with your clients. Micro conversions could be engagement on social media. It could mean getting a reply to your emails. It could mean having your clients click through your marketing emails. Micro conversions could be anything that signifies that your clients are noticing you and enjoying your content enough to engage with you. All of these teeny, tiny wins build up.

While I’m a big fan of setting big goals, but sometimes it’s the smaller ones that feel more rewarding. It’s the small wins or micro-conversions that keep momentum going and give you a healthy, optimistic mindset.

What happens if you aren’t seeing the small wins?

What if you aren’t seeing the small wins? Is your business broken? Not one bit. If you aren’t seeing the progress you want in your business, it’s time to make a change. Sometimes a simple fix or some extra TLC in the right place can get you back on track.

Take the time to evaluate your business and figure out where you can improve. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback or invest in developing your business with the help of others.


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