How to Grow Your Family Photography Business with Mini Sessions

grow your family photography business with mini sessions

If you are looking for ways to grow your family photography business, find new clients and be more profitable, consider adding mini sessions.

Here are some tips for implementing profitable mini sessions in your photography business.


What are Mini Sessions?

Mini sessions in family photography are stacking photography sessions back-to-back at a specified location, date and times. The session length, price and images delivered are all typically smaller than what would be expected at a full session.

How can Mini Sessions grow your family photography business?

Mini sessions are popular among photographers. Many offer them seasonally and some build their entire business specializing in these sessions. They are popular for many good reasons.

If you haven’t considered mini sessions for your business – here are some reasons you might want to:

Mini sessions are a great way to reach new clients.

Mini sessions offer clients a great way to try out a new photographer before investing in a larger session. The lower price point will likely attract a wider range of clients and get you in front of a bigger audience.

If you price your full sessions at a premium, mini sessions are a great way to appeal to a client base that would have otherwise not considered you.

If they love their experience, they may consider you for a full session in the future, or at the least more mini sessions.

Mini sessions expand your network reach.

The larger your client base, the larger your network reach. Word-of-mouth marketing is so important for photographers. When you increase the size of your client base but adding mini sessions, you are by default increasing your network reach.

Impress your mini session clients and they will be your some of your biggest fans. Supply them with “shareable” marketing pieces or enticing referral program and they won’t be able to resist sharing with their networks.

Looking for some shareworthy ideas, check out this article:
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Mini sessions maximize your profit.

By grouping your sessions together, you are spreading the typical session cost across multiple sessions. This drives down the costs for the clients but also increases your profit per session. Mini sessions are a great way to make a lot of money in one day. Who doesn’t love that!

Common Mini Session Mistakes to Avoid

Mini sessions can be widely successful and lucrative but make sure to avoid these common mini session mistakes.

Mistake #1 — Make sure you keep your sessions “mini.”

The beauty of mini sessions is the ability to shoot many sessions at one time, at one location to maximize your time, reach and profit. These are called mini’s because they are priced to offer a mini experience.

Be sure to keep your time slots limited and only deliver a fraction of your the digitals from your standard full session.

If you deliver the same number of images as your standard sessions but only charge half the price, this will de-value your standard sessions.

Mistake #2 — Do not offer independent mini sessions.

The lower price point of a mini session certainly has it’s appeal to future clients. Keep in mind that the lower price point is designed to work with the batching of sessions. Don’t allow yourself to offer custom mini sessions outside of the block of time you designate. This will defeat the benefits and impact of the mini and degrade the value of your full sessions.

Mistake #3 — Do not treat your client’s to a “mini” experience.

The logistics of the session will be pre-determined and more limited than a full session but don’t cheat your mini session clients from the full experience of working with you.

You want to impress your clients with an exceptional experience. Often times, the best experience will be the most memorable and make the most impact. This will keep you top of mind for referrals.


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