How to Create a 5-star Client Experience for Photography Clients

How to create a 5-Start client experience for photography clients through workflows shared by photo educator Danielle Blewitt

As a family photographer, there are so many things we can be doing to support our clients and ensure they have a successful and stress-free photo session with us. One of the most valuable places to invest your time and effort as a photographer is in creating a high-quality, 5-star client experience for your clients.

While this might sound vague and overwhelming, I’m going to share with you exactly HOW to create that 5-star experience. By investing in developing your client experience, you will create lifelong clients that return again and again and happily refer you to their loved ones! A happy client is a supportive client.

Using a client workflow, you’ll be able to create that incredible client experience that you’ve always dreamed of!

What is a client workflow?

A client workflow is a series of steps you design and implement in your business. A client experience workflow helps to provide your clients with a thorough and consistent experience with you. Workflows can be applied to various parts of your business from editing and to how you interact with your clients. 

In this post, we are talking about setting up a workflow for your client communication – essentially all the touchpoints you will have with them during the process start to finish. 

Why does a GOOD client workflow matter?

When you implement a workflow and take the time to map out your ideal client experience, you are giving yourself a checklist to follow. By doing so, you will be better able to give each of your clients the best experience with you. It will also help you stay organized and on top of your client communications as well as remain consistent. Good systems mean a more organized photographer! They ensure nothing slips through the cracks, no matter how busy we might get. 

What makes a great workflow? 

When you invest your time in developing your client journey, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you are creating a system that works for you and your business.

It will be seamless to implement. 

If you want to add a workflow that is sustainable, it has to fit seamlessly into your business. Create a workflow that will elevate your client experience but not overwhelm you. You want to find ways to automate or simplify any tasks when possible, making it easy for you to manage even during the busy season. A combination of email templates, Sprout Studio and some other automations critical components in my business that help me elevate my client experience. 

Your clients will always know what to expect next.

One of the best ways to treat your clients to a great experience is always letting them know what they can expect next. Whether it be your process or a timeline, you never want your clients asking when something will happen. Instead, make it clear and make your workflow easy to follow! 

You will be able to answer all their questions.

When communicating with your clients, make sure you provide them with all the information they need to feel confident in you and the process of working with you. Address their questions and any other concerns or hesitations they may have before they ask. This shows that you know your stuff – and helps them avoid sweating it out between emails! 

My Client Workflow Process

Over the years I’ve crafted a client workflow that has really served my clients and provided them with a high-quality experience. My clients return again and again. Not to mention, they are always my biggest supporters and refer me to others as well as write 5-star reviews. The only reason I mention all this is I’m sharing a key component of my business that has surely helped me build the business to what it is today. Here is the exact workflow I use in my own business. 


1 — First Inquiry Reply Email

Whether you get a lead through your website, are contacted through a DM, your first impression with a potential client is an important one. Your first email is designed to start the conversation, introduce them to your business and make a great first impression. It’s important to respond promptly and make it clear that you’re excited about their inquiry! An investment guide is a great addition to introduce yourself and deliver information about what you offer. 

2 — Series of Follow Up Emails

After your initial contact, the follow-up is equally important. Emails get lost or overlooked all the time. It happens (and it’s not a reflection on you!). If you are working with busy moms to book a session, it’s common. Make sure you are diligent and timely with a series of follow-ups. You want these to serve as a reminder without feeling pushy to make the “sale”. 

Trust me: do not skip the follow-up or you will be wasting all the hard work to get the lead in the first place. 

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Once a client chooses you to do their photos, it’s time to walk them through the booking process. Depending on where you are at in your business, this could be handled through a studio management system or even done manually with the right organization. The main thing to remember here is to streamline this portion of the process as well making it easy for your clients to sign contracts, submit payment and book their session. The more seamless the process, the better their experience. 

1 — Welcome Email 

Once a client books with you, you want to kick off their experience with a big welcome email that gives them all the resources they need to plan their session, access the info they need regarding their session as well as tell them what to expect. This is the perfect time to deliver your Family Prep Guide! PS. If you need one of those, grab my template here!

2 — Pre-Session Check-In Email 

Depending on how far out you book, a pre-session check-in may be necessary to touch base with your clients about any last-minute things they need to know. This is also a great time to help them finalize any wardrobe questions, settle on a final time and place, and any other questions they have leading up to the session. This email is key – you want to make it clear that you’re here for them and excited! 

3 — Post-Session Email 

After the session is complete, your clients will be excited to hear about the next steps and what they can expect from you. They typically appreciate the reminder so they don’t have to ask when they will get their images. If you are focused on selling prints and products from your gallery, this is a great time to inspire them with some ideas on how they will use their photos. I use a Post-Session Guide to help my clients understand what’s coming next for us. 

4 — Post-Session Sneak Peeks

Leveraging the excitement and anticipation from a session is important. Your clients will be thrilled to get a preview of a photo or two.  You can tease a few on social media or share with them privately via text to ease any insecurities they have. If I ever feel that a parent is concerned that the session didn’t go as planned, I will send them a photo to show them we did in fact get some great shots, or their little one did cooperate. This is a great (and easy!) way to build trust with your clients. 

And last but perhaps the most important of all, I will always share the Sneak Peek blog post too as it’s always appreciated by clients and doubles as a great marketing tool when they share these posts. 

5 — Gallery Delivery

This is pretty straightforward but also an important touch point with your client. Make sure you share how they can access their photos, request any changes, and or any other questions they may have about their gallery or final images! This is also a great email to point out any products they might be able to order from the gallery directly, too. 

6 — Hand-Written Thank You

A hand-written thank you card is a great way to really set yourself apart in a saturated market. This extra step will show your clients that you truly appreciate their business. Read more on that here as you design your last workflow steps! 

7 — Final Check In

Last but not least, a final check-in email is so important for a few reasons. This is designed to give your clients a way to provide you with feedback, ensure all their needs were met, and ask them to leave a review. Make sure you make it very simple and straightforward exactly how to leave a review and why it matters so much for your small business. Don’t skip this step. Most people are very busy and will not think to leave you a review on their own without you asking but most will be more than happy to do so if prompted. 

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Perfecting your client experience is one of the best ways to really grow your family photography business. Happy clients will be your best sources for referrals and repeat business. Take the time to craft your ideal client journey and build some workflows that make it seamless for you to implement in your business. Feel free to copy my exact process or modify it for your own business as you design your workflow. The key is defining whatever it is that will work best for you and mapping it out! 

If you want some extra help coming up with the copy for your emails, I’m excited to offer my Email Templates for Family Photographers. These have been professionally written, tested and proven. These are the exact emails I use in my business and will help you make sure every touch point feels purposeful and authentic with your own clients!

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