How To Choose the Right Images for Your Photography Website

how to choose the right images for your photography website

Choosing the right images for your photography website sounds like an easy task – but you might want to be more strategic than you think.

As a photographer, your work speaks for itself and your website is your showcase to share it with the world. We are a lucky bunch as we have more images to pick from than we know what to do with. However you want to be mindful and selective of the images you choose to include.

Here are a few simple tips on how to choose the right images for your photography website:

1) Showcase ONLY the work you want to do.

The photos you use on your website will be used to attract the clients you want. The photos should only showcase the work you want to do.

If you are a lifestyle newborn photographer, make sure your images show those candid, in-the-moment images. It would be misleading if you displayed a lot posed newborn images.

If you are a family photographer but you have dabbled in senior photos, do not post those images unless you want to attract more seniors.

2) Include ONLY your best quality images.

Use only your best quality images. The photos on your website should be your best photos. Composure, style, editing…all of those things we strive for when we first learn to shoot photography should be top of mind.

Quality is farther greater than quantity here.

3) Use emotive images your clients can feel.

Photography is emotional. You want your audience to connect with you, feel the images they are seeing and see themselves in them.

Use images that evoke emotions.

4) Use only images that reflect your current style.

Make sure your images are up to date. Shooting and editing styles can change over time as a photographer. Make sure every image on your website reflects your current style.

PRO TIP:  Keep a smart folder of your favorite portfolio images in your LR catalog. It should include virtual copies of all of your favorite and portfolio-worthy photos.

If and when your style changes, it will be easy to apply your new editing, export them and update your website.

5) Size your images for the web.

Size your images specifically for the web. This is extremely important for two reasons. If you upload too large of a file, your website will drag when loading. This will cripple the user experience.

The second reason is similar. If Google sees that your website is heavy and not optimized for quick browsing – it will count against you. Googles job is to treat all of its users to the best experience. If your website is underperforming, your SEO will drop.

So what does this mean? Once you choose your web images, export them specifically for web. A general rule of thumb for sizing images during export in Lightroom:

File Settings

Image Format — JPEG
Color Space – sRGB
Quality – 80
Do not check ‘Limit File Size’

Image Sizing

Check ‘Resize to Fit: Long Edge”
1500 pixels
Do not check “Do not enlarge.”
The resolution here does not matter.

Output Sharpening

Check “Sharpen for screen.”
Amount: Standard

Save these settings as an export preset so it’s handy when it’s time to prep your files for upload.

As a photographer, the images that you use on your website matter. Powerful images that can elicit an emotional response and validate your expertise will convert viewers to clients. Keep these 5 important tips on how to choose the right photos for your photography website top of mind.

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