Five Ways to Elevate Your Client’s Excitement About Family Portraits 

Five ways to elevate your client’s excitement about family portraits so that you can create a positive client experience as a photographer.

The key to a great client experience ultimately comes down to how you made your client feel. As photographers, it’s important to encourage our client’s excitement about family portraits. If they left their whole experience FEELING happy, excited and valued, their experience with you will be summarized as such. Creating a positive and encouraging environment is key to developing a great client experience. Like most things in life, it’s the little things that mean the most and help you create the overall experience you (and they!) are looking for.

If you need some help putting together a Prep Guide for your family, check out my Family Prep Guide Template here.

Here’s five ways to elevate your client’s excitement about family photos so they can’t help but feel amazing after your session! 


Things go much better when your client is comfortable and feels like they know what to expect. We’ve talked about this before, but it’s because it’s so important! One of your main jobs as a photographer is to help your clients feel comfortable and at ease from the start. I highly recommend a client guide so that you can prepare your clients as soon as they book. Provide information about how to choose locations, outfits, and tips to prep the kids involved. Whatever questions you can answer in advance will make a difference in the way everyone feels the day of the session! 


At your session, make sure you give lots of verbal compliments and affirmation throughout your time together. Mom or dad may be self-conscious about various things (outfits, kids behavior, whether they are doing things “right”) but if you continue to give them verbal praise they will begin to feel more comfortable. The same goes for the kids involved. Making everyone feel like they’re doing a wonderful job will help create a positive environment. It doesn’t take much, really. Compliment mom’s outfit, tell someone how wonderful they look, be excited about your images. All this helps to boost confidence in the moment which will help them relax and be more natural.


Throughout the process, make sure you share genuine excitement. People can tell when you’re faking it, let’s be real. Aside from the verbal feedback, carry this across the rest of your communication, too. When you deliver a sneak peek, consider texting mom about how much you love their photos. Let your excitement come through throughout the whole process, which will in turn, boost their excitement too! 


After the session is complete is usually when the families are the most excited about their photos. They should leave their sessions feeling confident and excited. Leverage their excitement and opportunity for sharing by providing them with a sneak peek of their images! I like to share one or two images from a session that same day. I do this on Instagram and tag my client as well as text them the images so that they can share them too. It’s so easy and a great way to capitalize on their feelings of excitement! 

A sneak peek blog post is another great way to leverage the excitement. By sharing the best from their session quickly after their session happens, they will be confident and excited about investing in a photo session with you. Learn more how to do that here! 


Let your clients know what they can expect after their session with you. They will feel well taken care of and at ease which will contribute to the overall feeling of the whole experience. Remember, keeping our clients feeling well-prepared and making sure they understand the process is the best way to make sure everyone is excited – and not anxious – about what comes next. 

I hope that these five tips help you realize how easy it can be to create excitement around your session and images, to help elevate your client experience. A good client experience simply comes down to making sure that your clients are having a great time, feel confident, and trust you in the process!

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