Fun First Birthday Photoshoot at East End Loft Studios in Pittsburgh

A sneak peek of the cutest, most energetic, and fun first birthday photoshoot at the beautiful East End Loft Studio space in Pittsburgh. All photos by Pittsburgh family photographer, Danielle Blewitt Photography.

First birthday photoshoots are always a lot of fun. But they are even more fun when you include older and energetic siblings. I often joke with parents that first birthdays should be the parents celebrating surviving the craziness of the first year. It’s such a big year of growth and so many new things. It’s really a beautiful blur but such a fun season of life.

This sweet family is always so much fun. While I know the older boys and their silliness better from previous sessions, there is no doubt their youngest is following in his big brothers’ footsteps. He was a little shy at first but oh so cute as the session moved on. We had the comforts of this beautiful East End Loft studio space to keep us warm and cozy during this winter season. It also served to keep everyone contained in one space, giving us lots of options for cute moments with everyone.

I’m excited to share more from this sweet first birthday photoshoot at the beautiful East End Loft studio space in Pittsburgh, PA but for now, a few highlights to share:



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