Finding Your Photography Niche | Part I – Why Defining Your Niche is Important

finding your photography niche

Finding your photography niche is an important step for setting up a solid foundation for your photography business. Niche, Nich, neesh, niching-down — no matter how you say it all means the same thing. It means identifying what your business specializes in or focuses on.

While many photographers will often work with a few different genres of photography, they will typically tend to specialize in one.

Why is Finding Your Photography Niche Important?

It’s easy to want to offer it all and shoot many different genres of photography, especially when you are first starting out. But finding your photography niche is one of the more important strategic steps you can do for the health of your business. Here is why finding your niche is important — defining your photography niche will…

#1 Help You Find the Clients Your Want

Meredith Hill says is best “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” Defining a niche allows you to get laser focused with your marketing messaging and really speak to your audience. If you are not clear on your focus, it will be difficult to design clear and focused brand and messaging. This will in turn make it difficult to reach and resonate with the clients you want.

Defining your niche will help you find the clients you love to work with and want to serve.

#2 Position You As an Expert

When someone is searching for a photographer, they want the best photographer for their request. Have you ever hear of someone being “jack of all trades, master of none?” You want to be known for something as it will position you as an expert in that specific genre.

If someone is looking for a wedding photographer, they want someone who is experienced with shooting large group events, shooting in variable lighting conditions, familiar with the standard needs of a bride and groom. They will not want someone who dabbles in family, newborn, seniors, pets and weddings. Being clear and focused with your niche will give your clients confidence that you are an expert in that area.

#3 Make Your More Profitable

When clients have the confidence that you are an expert in what they are searching for, they are willing to pay more money for your services. It’s that simple!

When you find the clients you want, instill the confidence that you are an expert, you can expect to charge a higher premium.

#4 Boost your SEO

Defining a niche or a specialty in your photography business will allow you to design a clear and concise brand with clear messaging to speak directly to the clients you want. When you are designing your website, this messaging can be packed with high quality key words that will help your website rank higher on Google. Higher ranked websites will get more leads which in turn leads to more business.

Niching-down in your photography business and finding something to specialize in is a great growth strategy for your business. Defining your photography niche will help you find the clients you want, position you as an expert in that area, boost your SEO and make you more profitable.

When are first starting out however, it can feel daunting to try and narrow your focus. Next week is all about finding out how to define your niche.

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