Fall Mini Session with Twin Toddlers at Fern Hollow Nature Center in Sewickley | B Family

A sneak peek of the cutest little family photo mini session during the beautiful fall season at Fern Hollow Nature Center, just north of Pittsburgh. All photos by Pittsburgh family photographer, Danielle Blewitt Photography.

Session Type: Mini Session
Location: Fern Hollow Nature Center, Sewickley, PA

I say it all the time but one of the BEST parts of my job as a family photographer is getting to see families and little ones grow through the years. It’s such an honor to get to work with families when they first bring home their babies (in this case) and get to see how the little ones grow and flourish into little people as time goes on. Although the kiddos might take a while to remember me, I sure remember them and it’s so special for me.

I’ve had the honor of working with this family from the beginning when they first brought home their twin babies. They now have energetic twin toddlers. I can only imagine how much stamina it takes to keep up but I can definitely comment on how cute they are. This fall mini-session was so much fun watching the two of them play together. I just kept the camera rolling as I followed them around to take in all the cuteness.

I have to say this might be my favorite session to date recording all the cuteness that took place. I’m excited to share more but for now a sneak peek of some of my favorite highlights from our time together:



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