Creative Ways to Serve Your Photography Clients This Holiday Season


The holidays are stressful for everyone. Period. You might be consumed by the holidays yourself but now is one of the best times to show up and serve your photography clients.

Make yourself memorable by becoming a resource to your clients and other families this holiday season. Sure, no one is expecting to hear from their photographer around the holidays but those that do serve their customers will be remembered.

Your decisions on how to serve your photography clients this holiday season should NOT be profit-driven. Sure, you may want to promote your business but this is very important –you want to GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE this holiday season!

Benefits of Serving vs. Selling

Serving your customers means being a reliable resource to them when and where they need it. Selling on the other hand is quite simply promoting yourself and not responding to their needs.

Serving your customers is the best way to connect with them, gain their trust and become memorable.

Creative Ways to Serve Your Clients During the Holidays

Here is a list of ways to serve your clients during this holiday season. Some items are as simple and some require a little larger investment of time but all will provide a creative way to make yourself memorable this holiday season.

Informative Blog Posts

You might be thinking….writing, yuck! I know it’s not the most popular. I get it. But creating blogs that serve your customers are one of the best ways to spark interest and create true fans of yours.

This isn’t just any ordinary photography blog though. Create blog posts that are helpful to your clients with the holidays in mind. To spark some ideas…

  • How to Take Better Pictures of Kids in Front of the Christmas Tree
  • Unique Gift Giving Guides
  • Local Small Business Guides
  • Tips on Documenting the Holiday Season

As a photographer, you have a gift in finding ways to creatively document the world around you. Share your knowledge and inspire your families to do the same with their families.

Gift Guides

This was mentioned above but does not have to necessarily be in the form of a blog post. Sharing gift ideas in an Instagram story are just as helpful and easy to create.

Better yet, partner with some other local small businesses by promoting them on Instagram. They will likely reciprocate and help to promote your business. This is a great way to reach a broader audience.

Holiday Cards

The holidays are full of things to do and holiday cards are one of them. If you can, invest some time in working with your lab to offer a holiday card shop. White House Custom Color has a really nice Studio option for it’s pro clients.

Giving your clients an easy and seamless way to knock off this to do will save them time and stress and make you a little bit of money as well.


The holiday season is full of businesses competing for attention with advertisements and deep discounts. You do not need to feel obligated to join if this does not fit your model. If you want to however, now is a great time to offer an incentive for some gift ideas. These could discounts on prints, photo gifts, sessions or more.

Anyone who follows you will appreciate the offer.

Great Service

So much stress surrounds the holiday season and one thing you don’t want to do is add more stress. Be responsive and reliable to your customers when they need you. This could be responding quickly or turning around their products faster than promised. Your attention to their needs will be appreciated.


Instagram is a great place to connect with and inspire others. Be a source of inspiration or humor by posting or sharing motivational quotes, funny memes or anything that moves you.

I just provided some ways to serve your photography customers this holiday season. Some of the ideas require a larger investment of time but some are very simple. No matter what you choose, just remember how important it is to show up for your clients this holiday season.

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