How to Convert More Leads on Your Website

Learn how to convert more leads on your website as a photographer, including five tips you can implement today

A website is a powerful marketing tool that can work 24/7 for your business. If well-designed, it will be one of your biggest lead generators and will help you convert leads consistently. A good website should inform clients about your process, who you serve, and how you serve them. It should showcase your work and validate your credibility. All of that sounds amazing, but how do you actually convert more leads on your website? With a few small tweaks, your website will be ready to serve you and your business well!

Here’s five things you can do to help convert more leads on your website! 

1 |  Speak directly to your ideal client with the copy on your website. 

No matter what page of your website that you’re on, make sure you’re speaking to your ideal client. The copy on your website matters! Use it wisely. If you need help figuring out how to attract your ideal photography client, read my step-by-step guide! 

2 |  Make sure every page has a call to action.

This simple action is a ridiculously easy way to convert more leads through your website. Give your website viewers an easy way to get to the next place to connect with you! Whether it’s your contact page, a sign up form, or simply viewing your blog… make that call to action super obvious and really easy to follow. 

3 | Offer a freebie or lead magnet that gives the viewer something they want. 

When someone opts into your email list via a lead magnet, you’re being given a great opportunity. Initially, you’re already delivering value through that freebie or lead magnet. But over time, you’ll continue to nurture this lead and hopefully eventually convert them to a paying client. It’s easy! 

4 | List a starting price for your services.

If you feel you are not getting enough inquiries, withhold your pricing or simply put a starting point for your services. This could encourage more people to contact you. However, be prepared to see a decline in your booking conversions. More of your inbox might be price shoppers – so don’t be surprised! 

5 | Showcase testimonials from clients.

People LOVE to know that what you do works for other people. By showcasing your testimonials, you’re quickly showing that you provide others with value and that your service is worth the investment. If you don’t have any testimonials on hand, make sure to reach out to your previous clients and ask. These help establish your credibility and make it more likely that someone will stick around – and trust you. 

Websites, when built with strategy, can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business. As always, little changes and tweaks can add up to really big changes for your business – so take a little time this week to update your website! You’ll be seeing more conversions before you know it!

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Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m a Pittsburgh, based family photographer and marketing expert. I help family photographers build and grow successful businesses using simple, organic marketing strategies. This space is designed to give you some of my best practical tips to implement in your business.

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