Build a thriving photography business and book more dream clients with a proven organic marketing framework.


You're a talented photographer and you want to make money doing something you love.

What if you had a fully booked calendar, consistent $5K months, and the luxury of a flexible work week so that you can do your most important job - being a mom.

Isn't that the dream?

But as a busy mom, you don't have the time (or energy) to figure it all out.

But making your photography business work is important to you, so you...


you can on how to grow a photography business only to realize there are always catches with free advice. (not to mention the overwhelm that comes with advice from too many people.)


and you are stuck filtering through all the random comments. Talk about spiraling with information and trying to figure out who to listen to.


as a mindset but this feels clumsy and lonely. Your plate is full of ALL the things so fumbling your way through building a profitable business isn't on your priority list.

So what's the magical "thing" that will solve all your problems?



Marketing is the key to unlocking a profitable and sustainable photography business.

...AND I know you already knew that
(cause you're here).

A solid marketing strategy has the potential to set your business up for long-term success. You will book more dream clients, charge a higher price, get more consistent bookings, and not have to stress so hard over what to try next to get more bookings.

So, what does a profitable and sustainable photography business look like?

A fully booked calendar. Consistent $5K months. A flexible work week. A life you LOVE.

Built to Book is incredible!! Definitely one of the best investments I've made in my business!!!

Danielle is an open book! She holds nothing back. She has a talent for taking large concepts that feel overwhelming, and breaking them down into doable action steps. The videos and resources alone are so thorough and helpful and are worth the price alone - but honestly, I've gotten even more out of the 1:1 coaching opportunities. It's like having a business coach / cheerleader in your corner. She gives personalized feedback, step-by-step action plans and most importantly the confidence to do it all. Danielle somehow strikes the perfect balance of being positive and encouraging but also giving me the push I need to take my business to the next level.

Laura Salazar Photography

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so naturally, the next question is...

How do you do "Marketing"?

You have likely tried a lot of things to market your business. Maybe bought some marketing courses, followed a few influential photographers on Instagram, or perhaps purchased some social media caption ideas. But the result is always the same...

You try something new, get excited for leads to roll in, and then crickets.

I know the frustration that comes with spending hours on social media content...only for the algorithm to shut you down. I know the feeling of failure when you launch something new and no one signs up. Or worst of all, maybe you are starting to feel "gross" or too salesy putting yourself out there and getting no leads.

If you're struggling in the marketing department and frustrated like all heck trying to figure it all out, it's not a "YOU PROBLEM".

The problem is in your approach.

Marketing isn't just ONE thing.

Marketing isn't posting consistently on social media at the right time. It's not writing the perfect caption or getting the most likes. It's not about creating the best referral program or nailing your SEO.

A SUCCESSFUL marketing strategy is a complete system.

(and if you're wondering how to do this...)

Introducing The Marketing Ecosystem Framework

HINT: This is the foundation of Built to Book: An Organic Marketing Program for Photographers.

A Marketing Ecosystem is a set of elements in your business that cohesively work together "organically" (without paid advertising) to create a thriving business.



When you have a complete system of marketing elements in place, it's much easier to convert leads to bookings. Your know, like and trust factor is higher. The ecosystem is cyclical in nurturing your clients through the system over and over again.

When you can invest your time and energy into nurturing your leads, it's easier to book more sessions, increase your prices, and grow your business.

Let's imagine you figured it all out. You would be...

This isn't just a dream, but possible with the right strategy in place.


I'm Danielle Blewitt.

Wife, mom to two kiddos, marketing expert, and family photographer.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was starting my photography business and fumbling my way through it all. As a hopeless marketer at heart, I see marketing in everything we do as business owners. 

I leaned into my 15 years of experience in the marketing world when I launched my business and went all in. I was able to leave my full-time job and scale my family photography business to over 6-figures in less than 3 years without doing weddings, IPS or paid advertising using my Marketing Ecosystem Framework.

Fast forward to today, and I’m excited to share what I know with photographers who are ready to get serious about their business and want to find the same success. 

If you're ready to go from frustrated and burnt out to a confident, in-demand photographer -- I'm excited to share...

Built to Book is a comprehensive program that teaches family and portrait photographers how to book more dream clients and grow a profitable photography business through my signature Marketing Ecosystem Framework without paid advertising.

When you implement your own Marketing Ecosystem Framework you will...

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Photographers Make

Discover where your business plan (or lack of one) is falling short and learn how to put a plan in motion that sets you on a path to succeed. 

Understand How to Find and Book More Dream Clients

Stop guessing about what will work for you in your business and learn what will motivate clients to book with you. This is the basis for creating the roadmap (aka your to-do list) for success.

Learn How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Skip the messy DIY stage of your business and elevate the look and feel of your brand with a professional, high-end brand. You’ have to look the part.

Set Pricing Strategically to Help You Grow (not burn out)

Learn how to set and support pricing that will make your time away from your family worth it and help you grow a business that gives you more financial freedom.

Learn How to Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work For You

Your clients are at the heart of your business. Build an unforgettable client journey that will not only create lifelong clients but also get your clients marketing for you to their friends and family.

Confidently Create Your Marketing Plan Step-by-Step

If you love checklists, this program is action-oriented giving you all the steps you need to build a thriving marketing ecosystem for your business. 

Create a Loyal Fan Club of Clients Who Can't Wait to Book

Work smarter, not harder by nurturing your audience through email marketing. You did the hard work to get noticed, now it’s time to connect and convert over time. 

Master the Art of Live Launching to Book Out Your Calendar

Spend less time looking for new leads and convert more dream clients to bookings when you master the art of the live launch.

Increase the Number of Inquiries You Get Consistently

Leverage the power of some often overlooked lead-generating techniques to help you get more leads through referrals, SEO, networking, and social media. 


Danielle turns every student into a MARKETING GENIUS with her thoughtful content and approach to teaching with her marketing background!

Amanda Cryer

So what is Built to Book, you ask?

It’s a comprehensive marketing program for photographers that blends… 

Online Learning + Hands-On Coaching + Accountability + Resources

It’s a step-by-step program based on my signature Marketing Ecosystem Framework that will walk you through the entire process of setting up your very own Marketing Ecosystem so that you can book more clients, and grow a thriving photography business. 


This program is PACKED with step-by-step trainings to walk you through creating your marketing ecosystem so you can book more dream clients and stop stressing over how to market your business.


You don't have to feel alone anymore in your business, you have a roadmap and a direct resource to getting personalized answers to all your questions. Your success is my number one priority.


Need that extra level of accountability to get you through the work? With a private FB group and coaching calls, you have the support you need to get it all done so you can see results quickly!


You aren't starting from scratch for anything. Consider this your toolbox with all the things you need to implement what you are learning without the stress of learning a new program. I teach it all here.

KIND WORDS FROM PAST STUDENTS monthly profits have doubled, and some months tripled!

Danielle’s course was an absolute turning point in my business. She helped me dig deep into every aspect of my business, and restructure things in a way that made sense. Since Danielle’s course my business has completely taken off. I am seeing growth each month, and my monthly profits have doubled, and some months tripled, since taking her course. Her continued education on resources, and business advice has been a key to the success of my photography.

Lauren Lee Photography

Danielle is really smart about marketing.

Danielle is really smart about marketing. Her recommendation to niche down is probably the best business advice than anyone could get in the photography business. Danielle points out that as a road to devaluing your brand. While I continue to explore my niche, that vision has never left me.
Since taking Danielle's courses, I tripled my revenue. I set a revenue goal that I thought was out of reach, and I surpassed it by 20%!!!

Elizabeth Simmons

Take a Tour of the Built to Book Marketing Program for Photographers


Discover the first step to becoming fully booked.

Understanding the psychology of sales is an important building block for this whole process. It’s important to understand why people book photo sessions before designing a marketing strategy that will work. We dig into it all here.

Start by discovering...

photography business goal setting


Figure out the mistakes that are holding you back. 

This step is all about getting clarity on what your business health looks like and figuring out where you need some work. After that, it’s time to set some goals and define exactly what success for your business looks like. 

Peel back the curtain on your business and...


Get to work building your marketing ecosystem.

Don’t let the one “step” fool you. This part of the process is meaty. You will get laser-focused on building out the foundation of your marketing strategy in a step-by-step format that will lead to you booking more clients. 

This is where a successful marketing strategy begins...


Design a 5-star client experience for lifelong clients.

At the heart of your photography business are your clients. Taking pretty photos is not enough if you want lifelong clients who return year after year and refer you to their friends and family. In this step, we polish and perfect a 5-star client experience.

To perfect your client experience, you will...


Build your personal fan club through email. 

Think of Email Marketing as the glue that holds it all together. Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools you have as a photographer. In this step, you’ll find step-by-step tutorials for building and nurturing your list without feeling overwhelmed. 

Feel empowered, not overwhelmed when you...


Begin actively marketing your photography business!

Marketing is the number one thing photographers stress over when it comes to trying to grow a profitable business. With the foundation of your Marketing Ecosystem built, you can confidently begin actively marketing your business. 

Take control of your marketing strategy when you...


Optimize your business for growth. 

Running a business is no joke. There’s a lot that goes into building a business that is both profitable and sustainable. As promised, this program is comprehensive so I’m sharing all the secrets to keeping things moving that don’t fall into the other “buckets.”

Dive into these profitability and productivity boosters...


Check out your BONUSES!

Bonus   01

Bonus   01


If you are all new and need help getting started with your business, this mini-course covers everything you need to be legit. Contracts, accounting, legal stuff, and more. 

Bonus   02

Bonus   02

36 Blog topics for family photographers

If the idea of blogging stresses you out because you just don’t know what to write, I’m sharing thirty-six (36) of my favorite blog ideas that will be both engaging and resourceful to your clients. 

Bonus   03

Bonus   03

ai assist for photographers (MINI-COURSE)

Learn how to leverage the power of AI without feeling overwhelmed. This mini course will teach you how to use powerful tools like ChatGPT to help you write blog posts, emails, social media captions and more with ease.

Bonus   04

Bonus   04

client experience bundle

When you enroll in Built to Book, you get all the email templates and client guides to help you elevate the quality of your client communication and impress your clients. 

Bonus   05

Bonus   05


Simplify the pricing process with an easy-to-follow pricing calculator that will help you ensure your pricing is set to make you profitable.

Bonus   06

Bonus   06

Canva designer templates pack

Whether you are a Canva ninja or never heard of it, I’m giving you all the graphic files I use to market my business along with a Canva How To so you can add this tool to your back pocket. 

Bonus   07

Bonus   07

income tracker

I’m sharing the exact Excel spreadsheet I use in my business to track my income and chart my progress year after year. Yes, I have fancy systems but I love having a simple, tangible space to track it all. 

Bonus   08

Bonus   08

trello content calendar

This is your designated accountability tracker. I’m sharing my Trello template to plan out a year’s worth of emails, blogs, launches and more to help keep you accountable. 

Bonus   09

Bonus   09

bi-weekly coaching calls

You don’t ever have to feel alone in this journey. I’ll be walking with your step-by-step as you set up your Marketing Ecosystem and navigate marketing your business. 

Thoughts from Past Students

Are you ready to master your marketing and grow a thriving, profitable, and sustainable photography business?

Enroll in the Built to Book Program today!

Program Includes:

Total Value = $5,060

Built to Book Beta Price Open for Limited Time

Flexible Payment



Most Flexible Payment



Most Savings



The Built to Book Guarantee


I whole-heartedly stand behind the framework I’m teaching in the Built to Book program and I want you to feel confident in your purchase.

If within 14 days you find that this program is not a right fit for you, we will refund you 100% of your money with no questions asked.


Danielle has inspired me to make changes in my photography business that have brought me more income throughout the year. I always enjoy her recommendations and insights.

Kelsey Cunningham

Let's Recap

When you buy Built to Book, you get access to...

Are you ready to say “YES!” to more money & more clients?

You’ve got the photography skills. I’ve got the experience, knowledge, and passion to help you turn those skills into a profitable, thriving photography business. Click below to checkout with the payment option that suits you!

Most Flexible Payment



Flexible Payment



Most Savings



Is Built to Book right for you?

This Is perfect for you if….

This Is NOT RIGHT for you if….

If you made it this far, you probably have some questions for me.

If you are a student in the Bootcamp course or you have considered joining it — the Built to Book program is a much more advanced version of Bootcamp. This is for photographers that have an established business and are looking to invest in growing their business. The Photography Business Bootcamp was designed to help photographers start their business providing the basic foundational things you need for a successful business. The Built to Book program is a comprehensive library of foundational building blocks and advanced marketing strategies. This program is “live” in the sense that it will continue to grow as your business grows. 

The course is set up to be completed over a 12-week time frame. Every week, there is a new set of trainings to watch and action items to do. It is paced for the busy photographer with no-fluff video lessons and action items to keep you accountable each week. 

If you dive in and realize you need to take things slower, the content of the course is yours and you are welcome to chip away at it all at a more comfortable pace for you. The course comes with 6 months of coaching calls which you are welcome to join at your convenience. 

There is no where else on the internet that will break it all down in a step-by-step format for a better price. Plus you get bonuses, bi-weekly coaching calls, group support and 1:1 voxer access. I hold your hand through this process. 


By implementing my signature Marketing Ecosystem framework, you are creating a foundation for your business that sets you up for long-term sustainability for your business. This isn’t a quick fix or a fad, it’s an investment into the future of your photography business. If you do the work and remain consistent, this will pay for itself exponentially.

You can spend hours on google trying to sort through free advice but really the most comprehensive and personalized advice isn’t free. You can certainly DIY your business or you could save yourself the time, headaches and trial and error part of it and give yourself the best chance at finding success quicker.

While you do need to know how to use your camera, you don’t have to be the absolute best. I only say this because photography is an art that continues to develop with time and experience. I would be remiss if I said it wasn’t important at all but I believe you can grow your photography business at the same time you are honing your skills as a photographer. Of course, I strongly encourage you to continue learning and perfecting your skills in this process, but it’s not mandatory for creating a successful business. Most portrait clients don’t know what a good photograph is but they know what it feels like to work with a good business..

If you are just getting started and don’t have the legal aspects of your business set up just yet but you are committed to setting up your business for success from the start, this program is perfect for you. There is a Business Basics Bootcamp that will walk you through all the logistics of the legal stuff. 

No, this is not a program that teaches you how to use your camera. It is a program focused on teaching you how to build and create a successful photography business. If you are just getting started, check out Shultz Photo School Photo Fix and Lightroom Fix to learn the basics of photography. 

You don't have to feel alone in your business journey anymore!

Running a business as a solopreneur can often feel lonely. Not only do you wear all the hats to make the decisions but you rarely have anyone else to bounce ideas off of. This program not only gives you a step-by-step roadmap to follow but also access to personalized coaching and a supportive community of peers who are in the same place you are. Leave your insecurities at the door and join us for what will be a game changer for your business. 

Enroll in Built to Book today!

Total Value = $5,025

Built to Book Beta Price Open for Limited Time

Most Flexible Payment



Flexible Payment



Most Savings



Ready to Take the First Step?

Built to Book is an organic marketing framework for photographers looking to grow a profitable and sustainable business. The program combines online learning, hands-on coaching and accountability into a comprehensive step-by-step program. 

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