Top 3 Blog Ideas for Family Photographers

3 blog ideas for family photographers to increase site traffic and connect with your ideal clients shared by Danielle Blewitt

When it comes to marketing your business, there’s a variety of methods available to us as family photographers. There’s email marketing, social media, and blogging. Today, we’re going to chat about blogging because it’s such a powerful tool for photographers! Blogs serve multiple purposes and are one of the best free marketing tools you have at your hands. It’s easy to shy away from writing blogs because it feels like they can take a lot of time, or you don’t know what to write. But, today I’m sharing three easy to write blog ideas for family photographers that you can start writing today! 

Why does blogging matter?

For the time and effort blogging requires, you might be wondering why should you do it and does it really help your business? Blogging serves a few purposes for family photographers.

  • Blogging boosts traffic to your website. By creating content that your clients love, you are giving them something they will be excited to share. When this happens, this will drive traffic to your website.

  • Blogging helps you rank higher on Google. When you create content that serves your clients, this positions you as an expert. When you do this consistently, blogging shows Google that you’re an active site that has new content regularly. This is a major SEO booster and will help you rank higher in search results.

  • Blogging helps elevate your client experience. Blog topics can be designed to help and serve your clients so they are prepped and ready for a great session.

So, what do I blog about? 

Topic #1: Your Sessions

Blogging your sessions is probably one of the most obvious things to post about. But make sure you share your sessions! Your clients will love it and want to share it, which is always great. Any way to get more eyes on your content matters! Additionally, this will help boost your SEO by showing the search engines what it is that you do and where you do it. 

Topic #2: Answer your clients questions

Your blog should and can be a great resource to your clients. Think about the questions you are asked most often. Write them down and turn them into blog posts! These can then be shared within your client experience to enhance a client’s time with you and help them prepare for your session. For example – write a blog post about your top favorite locations. This easily provides a guide clients can choose from and provides them visuals for those spots. This could also be linked in your prep guide! 

Topic #3: Be a guide 

Write blogs that help your clients prepare for the best session. This about What to Wear guides, or how to prepare for the various sessions you offer. Again, these can be repurposed in your prep guides or emails. If you can show your clients that you’re thinking about them and their session, by answering questions like these before they even ask, they’re going to trust you and enjoy their experience even more! Not to mention, it’s way easier to send someone a link to a blog to answer questions than re-typing the same thing 400 times!! 

As you can see, blogging is a great tool to help grow your business and improve your client experience. With a few simple topics, you can connect with your audience and ensure they see you as the expert and enjoy their experience with you! Use these three topics to get started this month with your blog!! 

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