Top 5 Best Maternity Poses + Prompts for Natural Pregnancy Photos

best maternity poses prompts

Maternity photoshoots are a popular way document the beauty of pregnancy for an expecting couple. Whether it’s their first baby, or their last — your job as the photographer is to help them capture the beauty of this time for their family. For natural and candid photos, these are my top 5 best maternity poses and prompts I use at every maternity photoshoot.

Setting the Tone for Your Maternity Session

Most couples will be naturally a bit nervous but assure them this will be easy and fun. I joke with my first-time parents that this will officially be the last photoshoot where the focus is on them. In most cases, there is a sense of relief!

Top 5 Best Maternity Poses + Prompts

1 | Simple Beauty

This is one of the most popular poses for many maternity photographers, but for good reason. There is beauty in simplicity. Pregnancy is beautiful. With a glowing momma and bump for an accessory, there is very little needed for a good photo.

For this pose I simply prep mom by ask her to stand at an angle. I remind her to always keep a hand on her bump throughout. We then walk through the following variations of this pose:

Posing Variations with Prompts

  • Have mom look directly at the camera.
  • Ask mom to look down at the baby and think about how much she loves them already.
  • Have mom look over her shoulder.

For the last part, I encourage mom to gaze into the distance or even smile at hubby off to the side or behind me. This sequence can be used over and over again throughout the photoshoot for multiple poses.

2 | Embrace with a Kiss

Any time we bring dad into the scene, I always like to incorporate some type of kiss or small moment that showcases their affection. In whatever pose or position the couple is in, I usually ask dad to lightly kiss mom’s temple. Make sure dad has his eyes closed for a more natural moment. This can be used on any pose including standing with mom or sitting.

Posing Variations with Prompts

  • Instead of kissing mom’s head, ask dad to close his eyes and gently smell mom’s hair

3 | Arm Hold

We enlist dad’s help for this one (sort of!) For this pose, have dad turn away from the camera and have mom face you. Ask mom to grab dad’s arm with one hand and make sure the other is on the bump.

Posing Variations with Prompts

  • Ask mom to rest her head on dad’s should if he’s taller than her.
  • Have both parents look at each other. Bonus if they can kiss!

4 | Candid Snuggle

This one includes both mom and dad. Have dad sit on the ground first with his legs extended and then have mom sit in between his legs. You want dad to be holding mom in a sense.

I like to crop this shot tight the focus on the bump. Get up close and personal shooting at various angles to nail this shot. The goal is to highlight the bump but tell a story with mom and dad. One of my favorite angles for this pose is often from above.

Posing Variations with Prompts

  • Snuggle together, look down at you baby and think of how much you love them already.
  • Have dad kiss mom’s temple while she looks down at her belly.
  • Have mom look at the camera while dad is kissing her.

5 | Dance + Twirl

Any time you can incorporate motion into your sessions, you will get beautiful and natural moments captured. For this pose, ask dad to twirl mom. You do not need to get caught up in the details. Just let them find the most natural way for them to do this and snap away!

Posing Variations with Prompts

  • Ask mom to keep her eyes on dad.
  • Ask mom to look at you for a few snaps.
  • Have dad dip her (if they are comfortable doing this!)

Set the tone for your maternity photoshoot with friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The more comfortable your couple is, the more genuine moments you will capture.

These are my top favorite maternity poses I use at every maternity photoshoot. I’d love to hear what works for you. Please share any prompts, variations or poses in the comments!


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