6 Ways to Avoid Being Ghosted in Your Photography Business

6 ways to avoid being ghosted in your photography business

Have you ever been “ghosted?” If you’ve ever took the time to respond to a lead or inquiry and never hear back from them again, you’ve officially been ghosted. Sound familiar now?

It can be a frustrating problem for photographers, or any business for that matter. You pour our heart into marketing your business and finding high quality leads. It can be difficult to not take it personally when the person on the other end won’t respond.

6 Ways to Avoid Being Ghosted in Your Photography Business

Improve your lead conversions with these 6 ways to avoid being ghosted in your photography business:

Respond Quickly

Our world today is inundated with instant gratification and responses in every way. Be sure to respond to the inquiry as soon as you can to leverage their attention and interest while the request is top of mind. Try to respond within 24 hours at the least.

Follow Up with a Text

Always follow your email with a text or even better yet, a phone call! Emails can be easily lost or re-routed to a spam folder. People are busy all the time and emails can be easily overlooked.

Follow up your email with a simple text. This will establish a line of communication and give the person another way to contact you. It will be up to them whether the conversation continues in text or via email. Everyone has a different preference. The key is making it feel easy for them to reach you. The text also makes the conversation feel a little more personal and not so transactional.

Create and save a few text templates in the Notes section of your phone. This will make it easy to copy and paste them when needed.

List Your Prices

Ghosting can happen when the expectations vary drastically from what is quoted. If you choose to keep your prices off-line, this will inevitably cause a higher amount of inquiries to come in. However, this will also increase the liklihood of ghosting.

Avoid being ghosted by listing your prices on your website or at the least give a starting point for where your sessions start at. This will give the viewer an idea of what they can expect.

If you are finding a high rate of ghosting, even after listing your price points, try including the starting spot in your contact form. Websites are sometimes only used as a directory and people skip the info and go straight to the contact page. If this happens, include a little reference as to where your sessions start at on the contact page so it is known.

Follow Up

The follow up with any lead is so important. People are crazy busy all the time so it’s easy for your email to get lost in the shuffle. Do not be offended if you don’t get a response right away but make sure to follow up.  

Don’t take it personally.

It’s hard not to do, but don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from someone. Sometimes it’s just not a great fit and that is OK. You want clients that you connect with and are a good match for you and your business.

Keep your head up and keep moving along!

Offer an Incentive

If you are finding it difficult to reach clients or get a timely response, introduce an incentive that will keep the conversation moving. This could be something as simple as an early bird discount or a bonus, such as s free print, given to anyone who books within a certain time period.

Leads and the management of them are a very important part of your photography business. You’ve done the work, got your business in front of clients and inspired them to contact you. However, the excitement can quickly fade if you never hear from them again. Use these 6 ways to avoid being ghosted in your photography business.

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