5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Photography Fall Bookings

5 ways to jumpstart fall bookings

The fall season is the busiest season for family photographers. It is also the most lucrative time of the year and easily the most important for income and growth in your business. If you are anxious to get your calendar booked, here are 5 ways to jump-start your photography fall bookings.

When I first started my photography business, I strived to be the photographer that could claim I was fully booked. I knew however that it would take some time, dedication and hard work to get my business to that point. Just like anything else — anything worth achieving is worth the effort.

Ready to Start Booking Photography Clients? Check Out 5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Fall Bookings

Booking out your calendar starts with some very simple and easy to implement first steps.

1 | Contact all of your existing clients individually.

Your existing clients are your biggest fans and best source for referrals. If you are wanting to kickstart your bookings, this is the place to start. This step requires you to be direct and and talk directly with your clients. Depending on your relationship, this can be done by phone or via text. I know there are many people that would urge you to pick up the phone but for me personally, text is usually more effective. I work with many busy moms that juggle families and careers. A text is usually more well received.

Take the time to write up a simple message that includes the following — warm personalized greeting, inform them that you are booking for the fall season, and remind them how much referrals mean to you.

Here is what a text would look like to my photography clients:

“Hi Maggie! I hope you and your family are having a great summer. The girls are getting so big!!

I wanted to let you know that I am currently booking for the fall season and would love to work with you all again. If you are wanting to get some fall family photos, please let me know! Fall is always the busiest season for me so the earlier we can set a date, the better!

Also, if you have any friends that you think I could connect with, please let me know! I’d love to grow my network of families I work with, especially families just like yours. Plus, for every referral I send you a Starbucks gift card 1) because I’m so appreciative and 2) because who doesn’t love a special treat!

Take the time to write up a text template and then get busy reaching out to all of your past clients. Even if they don’t respond right away, they will get the message! You will be top of mind when it’s time for the them to book!

2 | Get active on social media to let everyone know you are booking!

Many photographers have a love/hate relationship with social media. Although it can be draining — social media is really one of the most effective ways to market your photography business. To book clients, you need to let everyone know you are booking. Social media is a great place to do this!

If you have fallen quiet on social media, invest the time in reconnecting with your audience by posting on a regular basis, showing up on Instagram stories, engaging with your audience by liking posts and commenting where you can.

Make sure you are utilizing social media to connect more than sell, especially if it’s been a while since you have been active. There is no greater turn off than someone who only shows up when they are wanting to sell something.

Don’t forget to infuse the basic principles of scarcity in your marketing efforts.

3 | Message family and friends.

Next in line to speaking directly to your audience of clients and followers is your friends and family. These are some of your biggest supporters for your photography business. Most of them will be more than happy to help you but sometimes you need to ask or make it obvious how they can help.

You can enlist the help of family and friends by asking them directly for referrals, asking them to share announcements you make on social media or potentially working with their families to build your portfolio if needed.

4 | Consider adding mini sessions to your business.

If you are looking to grow your network of clients and really grow your business, mini sessions are a great place to start. Mini sessions are popular during the fall season. Many clients are looking for to take advantage of the beauty of the fall season and update family photos for holiday cards.

Because mini sessions are so popular during the fall season, many families will seek out photographers that are doing them. They are easy to advertise and get your name out there.

Mini sessions will help you attract many new families that have the potential to turn into long-term clients and great sources of referrals.

If you are looking to add mini sessions to your calendar this fall season – be sure to read this post + free resource:

How to Grow Your Family Photography Business with Mini Sessions

5 | Update your email templates and workflows.

To fill your calendar and book clients, you need to attract first attract leads and then close leads. Take the time now to refine your client workflow making sure your inquiry and booking process is seamless.

Make sure you have email responses pre-written and saved as a template. This will allow you to respond quickly to anyone who inquires. The more prepared you can be in advance, the quicker and more efficient your communication and response will be. Impress your clients from the start to kickstart the booking process.

Check out The First Step to Closing More Leads in Your Photography Business

The fall season is a busy and important one for your photography business. Now is the time you should be starting to book clients and fill your calendar. Use these 5 ways to jump-start your photography fall bookings.

Where are you at in your business for the fall season? Are you just getting started with booking or seeing a steady flow of incoming clients? Let me know in the comments below any questions you have for attracting or booking more clients this fall season.

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