5 Ways to Invest in Your Photography Business During the Slow Season


Whether you are a family photographer, wedding photographer, brand photographer or any other type of photographer, you will inevitably have a slow season at one point or another. This is a time where you can pick up all the loose ends, get your business back in order and invest in the growth of your business. This time should be used wisely with a plan and a purpose. Here are 5 ways to invest you your photography business during slow season.

5 Ways to Invest in Your Photography Business During the Slow Season

01 | Perfect Your Client Experience

The client experience is one of the best places you can invest your time to improve the quality of what you offer. I would say it is arguably the most impactful areas that has a direct effect on the growth of your business. A happy client will be your biggest fan and source for referrals.

Invest your time into setting up workflows in your business that cater to your clients or soon-to-be clients. Create templates that will save you time and keep you on task for providing the information your clients need. Make sure your workflows are easy to follow and realistic so that you can keep up with them consistently. Every single client or inquiry should have the same experience with you.

If you are looking to invest in new client guides for your business, check out my shop HERE for the exact client guides I use in my business.

02 | Set up Automations and Systems

The next valuable place to invest in your business is in automations and systems. As your business grows, this is more and more imperative for the success of your business. By automations and systems I mean invest in finding ways to automate some of the common tasks you see in your business. By doing so, you will free up time and give yourself more time to invest in other places that will help grow your business.

If you have a business that is growing and you do not have a studio management system, the slow season is a great time to set this up. Whether you use Sprout Studio, Honeybook, Dubsado or any other studio management system, these take time to set up. Trust me — I learned the hard way by making the switch when my schedule was packed with sessions. It was a very stressful transition at that point.

If you are looking for a great option for an all-in-one system, I use Sprout Studio in my business and it’s been a game-changer for me and how I run my business. If you are interested, you can LEARN MORE HERE.

Other areas to consider would be setting up templates, social media planning apps, editing resources and more.

03 | Master Your Art

As a photographer, we are artists and our craft is ever-evolving. I encourage you to continue to master your skills with your camera. There are numerous courses and groups that will challenge your creativity and help you hone your skills with your camera.

If you are looking for a place to join, check out Shultz Photo School. They have numerous mini-courses that range in offerings from how to master manual mode to teaching you how to shoot in various scenarios.

There are also various groups that host weekly or daily challenges that will allow you to challenge your creativity and help you grow as an artist. Check out 52 Frames, or 52 Clicks for some of my favorite groups.

04 | Invest in Digital Courses

I’m a huge advocate for continued education. I love learning new things and think it’s important for growth. The slow season is a great time to find a course that will invest in the continued growth and success of your business. Find an educator or group that offers courses that will give you what you need. Pick one that aligns with your values and one that you can relate to their teaching style.

There are various platforms available to photographers. I myself will be teaching the 12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp as well as the Website Design for Photographers course.

Other great resources for photography courses would be Shultz Photo School, Click Photo School or Hello Storyteller or Filming Life Academy for any other filmmakers.

05 | Update Your Website

Last but certainly not least would be investing your time to update your website during the slow season. Website maintenance is an ongoing task required in your business but it’s often the last to receive attention when you are busy. Take the time during the off-season to not only update your site but invest in upgrades and changes where needed.

If you aren’t sure where to begin first ask yourself if you are happy with the structure of your site. If you are looking for a complete overhaul, now is the time to do this. This could be done DIY or seek guidance if you feel like you need it at this stage.

If you are happy with the look of your site, take the time to update your photos with your most recent and best images. Update any pricing or packages to reflect your current offering. Check to make sure that all your links and navigation are working properly.

The slow season for photographers is a great time to rebuild. Take the time to scan the 5 ways I recommend investing in your business during the slow season. Investing your time and resources into each of these areas will assure you are continuing to move the needle in your business for growth and success.

As we move into a new slow season for most photographers, I’d love to hear the plans for your business. Where are you planning to invest your time? What areas do you need the most help in? Do you have any questions about the advice I offered? Please drop these in the comments below to start the conversation.


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