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Embrace and Document Halloween with Your Kids Through Photos

Is there anything cuter than kids dressing up at Halloween? I’m fairly certain that kids live in a world of make believe on a daily basis but getting to see them get all dolled up is so cute and needs to be documented. (As with everything else in my opinion!) Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you come across your Halloween festivities leading up to Trick or Treating!

1. Capture Their Character, Literally

We all know how funny kids can be. What better time than Halloween to document their personality. Whether they are a scary monster or a petite little princess, ask them to play the part while you snap some photos. You might be surprised at the personality explosion!

When I asked her to act like Cindy Lou Who, I didn’t know what I was going to get! But yep, it’s her!

2. Document the Whole Process

Dressing up in itself is just plain fun. Record the whole process from the prep stage through the candy sorting and beyond. When my son was the Grinch, it came with a lot of green body paint and an abundance of green hair spray. I will spare him future embarrassment but the pictures of him in the bath afterwards were priceless.

3. Try a Practice Run

Good photos depend on the availability of light and in most places, Trick or Treating happens after the sun sets. If you are blessed to live in Western Pennsylvania, we are often battling chilly rain which always seems to coincidentally fall on Halloween (double whammy!) If you can, try to do a practice run during the day or seize the moment if you are dressing them up for an event or school party. Take advantage of the light to really capture a good photo.

We took advantage of some extra time before her Halloween party to take these.

4. Don’t Forget Traditions

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without picking your own pumpkin and carving it. In our house pumpkin carving is something our kids look forward to. Although I’m not sure they like actually scooping the slime or doing the actual cutting…so for now we will say they like to spectate! Whether it’s picking your own pumpkin or carving a jack-o-lantern, make sure you record these into your story as well.

5. Take a Step Back

I’m drawn to ‘filling the frame’ and zooming in on details so this tip is talking to me. Take a step back and capture the full scene. When you are trick or treating, hang back and take a few pictures of the kids ringing the doorbell or walking up to the house. Trust me, these pictures will tell a story and you will be grateful looking back.

Combine these tips with the ones from 5 Tips for Parents to Take Better Pictures for a beautiful way to document this next holiday.

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