4 Shareworthy Things Photographers Can Do To Market Their Business

shareworthy ways to market photography business

Word-of-mouth advertising is a photographers best friend – but how do you get your clients raving about you and referring clients your way?

It’s easy! Give them something they can’t help but share!

As photographers, we provide visually stunning photographs and films that give our clients all the feels. They can’t help but share their moments with friends and family but we need to arm them with something “shareworthy” in order for that to happen.

Here are 4 Shareworthy Things Photographers Can Do To Market Their Business:

#1 Shareworthy Client Gifts

Small gestures to thank your clients are great for many reasons. Small gifts that are unique will be memorable and easy to share on social media. Think of gifts that would elicit the Instagram-worthy mention when your client opens their gift.

I send a few small mini snapshot prints from WHCC in my thank you cards. These are often a nice surprise for my clients and I’ve had many post them on their Instagram story to thank me and share the cute little prints with friends.

#2 The Sneak Peek

This is a favorite of mine and for good reason — it works! The sneak peek gives your clients something that excites them and is easy to share. When they get the highlight reel from their sessions, its easy to copy and paste the link to share it on social media or with friends and family.

You can learn how to perfect the Sneak Peek HERE.

Once you have created and shared a sneak peek, don’t forget to encourage your clients to share with their friends and family if they love the photos. This is usually the little nudge, or reminder, they need to do so.

#3 Helpful and Relevant Blog Posts

If you want to relate to your audience, give them content that they can’t help but love and want to share with friends.

If you are a family photographer, write a blog with tips for taking their own photos of their children. Give them referrals for great places to shop for their family photos. Or perhaps a blog post with helpful tips to document the holiday season.

Essentially give them great content they will love. Chances are if they love it, they will be more likely to share it with their friends and family. When that happens, you are getting great exposure!

When writing your blog post – keep asking yourself if the content is good enough to share!

#4 Instagram Highlights

IG Stories grow more and more popular by the day. Arm your clients with a highlight reel from their session that they can’t help but share.

Pick your favorite 5-10 photos from your a session and organize them into a a collage carousel. You can use apps like Unfold to help with this. When you share the highlights in your story – be sure to @ mention your client so they can add this to their own story.

These are 4 shareworthy things photographers can do to market their business. You’ve created great content but don’t just stop there. After you have shared with your clients and encourage them to share it — be sure to share this content in all relevant places of your own.

Share your blog posts on your business and personal Facebook pages. Share the posts in local groups that you belong to.

Make sure your sneak peeks are also shared on Facebook and don’t forget to @ mention or tag your clients.

You’ve done the work to create great content — don’t forget to maximize your marketing by sharing it all that you can!

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