Why Overnight Success is a Myth: 3 Things You Need to Build a Successful Photography Business

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Overnight success is a common myth that exists in the business world. It’s easy to look at other photographers and envy someone else’s success. From an outsider’s perspective through social media and other places, we might only see (and fixate on) the success of others. We live in a world where it’s easy to wonder how someone is “winning” so much – but not understand HOW they got there. When you see those wins, you don’t often see is the grit, determination and the journey it took for them to build a successful photography business. You don’t see the time invested or the sacrifices they have made to get where they are. Success is the result of a combination of things that take time. Behind every successful business is a journey. And behind every successful photographer is all of that hard work and dedication.

If you are focused on finding success in your business, turn your focus to these 3 things to build a successful photography business.

Start with a plan.

As with anything in life, starting with a plan is going to set you up for the most success. Your photography business is complex with many moving parts and pieces. Commit yourself to developing a plan, a strategy, a roadmap to follow that will help you focus. When you have a plan in place, you can focus your attention on doing the things that will help you meet your goals to grow your business.

Commit to going all in.

Once you have a plan in place, I encourage and challenge you to commit yourself to this journey. If you truly want to have a successful business, you need to go all in. Do the work, apply yourself and continue to strive to be the best. One of the easiest ways to fail is to only “dip your toes” into your business. You get what you put into the business.

Practice patience.

The biggest lie of all when it comes to the myth of overnight success is the idea that success and results happen instantly. It’s easy to think if you set everything up, put yourself out there and then wait for the results to happen, it will be quick. This is the biggest misconception of all. Success takes time. Your well detailed plan takes time and patience to develop.

If you are committed to the dream of having a successful business, you need to shift your mindset to focus on what really matters most. Don’t get caught up on in the myth of overnight success. This can derail your focus. Instead focus your time and energy on creating a roadmap for your business. Commit yourself to investing your time and effort in developing the business and then practice patience. You need to give everything the time it needs to grow. With a solid plan in place and focus, you’ll be able build a successful photography business and chase your dreams!



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Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m a Pittsburgh, based family photographer and marketing expert. I help family photographers build and grow successful businesses using simple, organic marketing strategies. This space is designed to give you some of my best practical tips to implement in your business.

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