3 Signs You Are Ready to Invest in Your Photography Business in 2023

3 signs you are ready to invest in your photography biz: Danielle Blewitt, photography educator, shares when it's time work on your business

The new year always signifies a fresh start – in our personal lives, in our businesses, and so many other ways. When it comes to your photography business, there is definitely a feeling of renewal and optimism with the new year! My question for you is: what are you planning? Are you ready to go full-time? Or are you thinking about spending more time working with your business? If you have been dabbling in your photography business and are considering starting officially or if you’re ready to invest more time into growing your business, this article is for you.

Today, we’re talking about 3 signs you are ready to invest in your photography business in 2023!

#1: It’s in your gut.

Sometimes you just simply know it in your gut, or deep down, that either starting your business or investing more time into your photography business is what you need to do. I recall having this same feeling when I realized I could do family films for others and there was an intense motivation, gut-feeling that this is what I needed to do. When people say to “trust your gut” this simply means going with that natural feeling you have that this is what you should be doing. Operating your own business is a choice you have. It’s something that is purely optional but available to you if you want it. If you are feeling the desire, take a chance on yourself this in this new year!

#2: People are asking you to take photos.

If others are coming to you and asking you to take photos, you have half of the equation of a successful business solved: demand. If there is a demand for your work, your artistry, your services…act on this! They are telling you what is obvious – that you have a skill that you can make money with. Run with it!

#3: You are searching for more.

If you are feeling discontent with your career or simply finding that you feel like you are spinning your wheels, it’s time for a change. If you’re dissatisfied with how things are now, it’s time to consider investing in your business, too. Running your own business can be challenging but exponentially rewarding in so many ways. A photography business can give you the satisfaction of doing something you love. This reaches far beyond the numbers of owning a business and can be so rewarding and refreshing to truly love your work. So whether you’er ready to make the jump to becoming a business owner or just taking the next step, it might be time to invest in your business! When it comes to the numbers, owning your own business gives you a platform to control your own finances and outcomes. I won’t lie: there is a lot that goes into growing a successful business. But once you crack the code and invest the time, your earnings potential feels greater.

If you find yourself asking the question “can I really make money with a family photography business”, check out my thoughts here. But, if you want the cliff notes answer — it’s yes. You can absolutely make real money and replace your current career with a photography business. With some planning and taking the time to work on your business – not just in it – you’ll find success!

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