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I'm Danielle Blewitt.

Tiny moments today, become beautiful memories tomorrow.

I’m Danielle Blewitt. I photograph Pittsburgh families and teach photographers how to build successful businesses. As a mom of two, I know that we can’t slow down time but we can preserve the memories we love in photos and films. I’d love to help you record your story.

I’m Danielle Blewitt. I photograph Pittsburgh families and teach photographers how to build successful businessesI left the corporate marketing world after 15 years to chase my dream and build a life I love. This gives me the flexibility for my most important job of all, being a mom.

Little moments will become big memories years from now. Let's capture the chaos of each season of life.


Family Photos

Life with little ones moves just as fast as they do. Seemingly little moments will one day be big memories. Even though life feels chaotic, it’s important to capture these days in all their organic goodness. As a lifestyle Pittsburgh photographer, I help families document their memories through real, genuine, relaxed photos and films.



Anticipating the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. Whether it’s your first baby or your last, it’s a beautiful time to document with a maternity photoshoot.



New babies are a beautiful gift. Newborn sessions are designed to help capture the feeling of the moments from this beautiful season of life as a family welcomes a new baby.


Family Films

Life doesn’t stand still and neither should your memories. Family and Newborn Films capture memories in full color, in sound, and in motion so you can remember it as it happened.


Photographers -- do you want to make more money with photography?

Photography can be more than just a hobby. If you are ready to turn your hobby into a profitable photography business, I’m here to help. I teach photographers how to build, launch and grow a sustainable photography business through organic marketing strategies. Let’s design a business that gives you the flexibility to live a life you love. 

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